Man to cheat money queuing guy found a timely halt – China

The man to send money to scammers queuing guy finds promptly stopped Beijing – an online news according to the Anhui Daily News "and I say WeChat, can you help me with a software cash 10 thousand yuan, as long as give him 400 yuan fee can be." 8 am yesterday, Hefei, Ma On Shan Road, a bank ATM machine room, resident Mr. Zhao to the phone "cash source" transfers two thousand yuan deposit, the money was queuing guy Xiao Zeng to help him stop, sham. Mr. Zhao is doing business in Hefei. The evening of 28, he was near the WeChat people to find a special way to engage in the loan of WeChat users. Mr. Zhao added each other after the cash sources, the existing one is called "dry pack" software, ten thousand yuan credit support within January repayment without interest, "he said to give me 10 thousand yuan of cash consumption amount." Mr. Zhao said, but to charge 400 yuan service fee. Mr. Zhao agreed to the request, the person also proposed, I would like to give him my name, ID number, bank card number and other information. He also gave Zhang bank card number, let me through the ATM machine to give him 2000 yuan to make a deposit." Because of the urgent need for money, that night, Mr. Zhao came to the Bank of Ma Shan Road, a ATM machine to each other. Mr. Zhao said, when the row behind him is a guy, "I called cash people, while operating ATM machine, the mouth unconsciously repeat words, behind the guy had heard, patted my shoulder, let me hang up the phone." Mr. Zhao looked surprised, guy told me to call me a liar, do not easily transfer money." The other party to go my bank card number, ID number, name, phone number, my bank card money is not safe……" After a small analysis, Mr. Zhao recognize each other’s trap, and then to the other side of the phone, the other has been shut down, WeChat also pulled him black". Yesterday, the reporter tried to add the cash WeChat, has been unable to pass. Reporter contact Xiao Zeng. Xiao Zeng said, he was also the original telecommunications fraud cheated, the phone side sleepwalk to transfer money to each other. "At that time, I stopped him, but I hope that fewer people cheated, but fortunately, the gentleman listened to my advice, did not give a liar sinks." Currently, Mr. Zhao has reported to the police.相关的主题文章: