Man to grab the mobile phone run tens of meters is caught in Beijing

Man to grab the mobile phone escape tens of meters is caught – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Qiang correspondent Li Zhenbin) drunk man robbery attempt, on the way to escape and steal a passer-by’s mobile phone, but it only tens of meters fled in panic after being arrested in dongcheng. In November 5th 13, 3 security guards in the Dianmen East Main Street near the subway station on the road patrol, found a man and a woman are quarrelling, the woman sitting on the ground, and the man took the women’s handbags also shouted: "take over, give me!" 3 people began to think that the couple quarrel, but the woman said that she and the man did not know each other, the man suddenly grabbed her bag. When the man suddenly ran to the East, immediately notify the police and security to go. Man in the process of escape, suddenly caught a pedestrian walking hand in hand. Mobile phone was seized in the passers-by immediately hand pressed the shoulder of the man, but man kicked passers kick down to the ground. But the man did not grab the phone to run far away by the police, security uniforms and uniforms. After investigation, the suspect Kwak admit that day in the subway near the woman grab the bag and the male victim behavior of mobile phone. Kwak explained that because there is no work, he came up with the idea of robbery, he will last a little change on the body to buy wine, after drinking strong courage, picked up a piece of stone on the woman’s head hit, grab the woman’s bag, the woman sitting on the ground clutching homeopathic package does not put Kwak, on its take the cuff and kick up. At this time the victim Kwak has not let go, but also because of a guilty conscience, immediately fled the scene. Can he jiancaiqiyi again in the escape process, the mobile phone robbed a passer-by. At present, Kwak has been Dongcheng police criminal detention. J178相关的主题文章: