Man was sentenced to 60 thousand days in the evening after the theft to the court to steal out – Soh y580

The man was fined 60 thousand for theft during the day after the court handed out at night to steal Shandong Linyi News – Sohu Yinan man mengmou, crazy in the county of the area of the glass smashed cars stolen since June this year, two months in more than and 50 cases of crime. Mengmou arrested after police found some 14 years ago because of theft was sentenced to a fine of 60 thousand yuan, and the money Bai Tiangang submitted to the court, the night he stole out and dived into the court. Currently, Meng has been detained by local police. It is understood that since June, Yinan County for the glass smashed cars stolen property case. The suspect committed the crime in the early hours of the morning, for the prevention of poor residential areas. The police through the investigation found that an alley out of town through every crime suspects. More than 3 points in the early morning of August 25th, Dunshou police found the suspect. By tracing the way, man again when the crime was arrested by the police, and seized a slingshot, ball, flashlight and other tools of crime and theft of more than 2000 yuan in cash income. Under questioning, the suspect Meng Mou, 42 years old, has a criminal record. The police found, mengmou once in a city of Jilin Province, because of theft, was sentenced to a fine of 60 thousand yuan. He will be a fine day to night to sneak into the court, the court steal out, so was sentenced to 14 years in prison, released from prison in February this year. After his release, mengmou begins to consider doing nothing, money fast and easy way. He will be targeted to the county residents in the residential area of high-end cars, just two months time crazy crime more than 50. Currently, suspects mengmou have been detained, the case of stolen goods and other related work is underway.相关的主题文章: