Many airports to set up a special channel to protect or restrict women yvette yates

Many airports to set up a special channel to protect or restrict women? Beijing, Beijing, November (4) (Lv Chunrong) security channel men and women. Recently, following the establishment of a special channel for female security, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport opened a special channel for male security, which also led to the outside world attention. In fact, not only in Guangzhou, this year, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chongqing and Kunming and other places have set up a number of other special airport security channel, which is a special channel for female security. So, what are the reasons behind the establishment of a special airport security lanes behind the airport? In this regard, the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter learned. The picture shows a special channel for women in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Lv Chunrong taken more female security channel dedicated airport located before with obvious tips, channel glass wall pink wallpaper and flower pattern…… In Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, a few women special security channel is particularly eye-catching. It is understood that, starting in September 19th this year, the airport security official opening of the female passenger dedicated channel, specifically for female travelers and their peers children checked. Such an approach to attract young girls to experience. The day before, Ms. Yan from Fujian to Guangzhou will work at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport for the first time to experience a female security specific channel. "Avoid some unnecessary embarrassment", which is one of the reasons she favored this dedicated channel. Washington reporter noted that this year, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Kunming and other places to set up a special airport security channel, which, in addition to the addition of a male security special channel. The picture shows a special channel for Kunming airport passenger safety check. Why did Shi Guanglin set up a special channel for women? Baiyun Airport, said the effect can be raised, the protection of privacy is obvious, male security channel is still a small number of special, some of the airport or the establishment of a dedicated security channel for women. So, what is the purpose of the establishment of these women dedicated channel? In this regard, the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport responsible person in an interview with Xinhua reporters said that women dedicated security channel, on the one hand, in order to better protect the privacy of female passengers, avoid some little embarrassment, after all the female passengers carrying baggage, so there are some inconvenient male screeners open packet inspection items. At the same time, according to the relevant provisions, women can only personal inspection by the security officer, the conventional channel mixed row, when the female passenger continuous inspection, male screeners only from waiting for, will undoubtedly increase the waiting time of passengers, influence of clearance rate, the establishment of the female channel can solve this problem well. On the other hand, female passengers carrying goods than the male single simple, or carry items such as cosmetics is relatively concentrated, the establishment of the female channel, so check clearly, smooth and efficient, the passenger experience will be more convenient, comfort will be increased." Above the person in charge said. Similar answers are also in the capital airport, Shenzhen Airport etc.. In March this year, the capital airport officially opened for women in this regard, the capital airport security channel, the relevant responsible person said, the role of setting "female channel" is the most important triage personnel, improve the efficiency of traffic convenience, the security of female tourists at the same time, but also to protect their privacy. Shenzhen airport security official had earlier in an interview with the media"相关的主题文章: