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Many students bullying prevention and treatment departments to highlight the problem areas will be accountable – Beijing, Nanchang 13 October, reporter Cai Changchun from the national social security comprehensive management innovation work meeting was informed that, at present, the Ministry of education is in conjunction with the central comprehensive management office and other eight departments to study and formulate the "guidance" on students’ bullying and violence prevention that is to be promulgated before the end of November. At the same time, regions and units will also be on the bullying problems, according to the relevant requirements, accountability through notification, interviews etc.. In recent years, primary and secondary school bullying incidents occur. Vice Minister of education Shen Xiaoming at the meeting, this year from May to August a total of 68 cases of bullying events, these events have been disposed of, make a serious deal on the responsible person, bullying incidents to be curbed. In April this year, the Ministry of Education held a national school safety teleconference, issued the "notice" on the special treatment of bullying, country to carry out the deployment of school inspection, review, provincial and municipal level census sample of four class government. Before the end of the year, the Ministry of education will also organize the state inspectors and experts on-site supervision, to ensure the effectiveness of special governance. Shen Xiaoming said it would study the development of school bullying prevention and control manual, to strengthen the training of teachers, especially the teacher in charge of special training. At the same time, through home visits, parents, parents school and other ways to help parents understand the prevention of bullying knowledge, enhance the sense of responsibility of guardianship. It is understood that the Ministry of education will also bring the prevention and control of students bullying into the State Council work system education steering committee, supervision over the establishment of school bullying prevention work system, the establishment of early warning and post intervention mechanism, the bullying behavior may occur early detection, early prevention and control. At the same time, the establishment of a major bullying accounting system, clearly the person responsible for the local management, bullying events investigation, coordination and disposal etc.. Study on key strengthening dynamic groups of students, to find signs of clues carefully verified, timely disposal of found slight bullying timely follow up measures of education punishment.相关的主题文章: