Many thousands of cadres recalled unqualified cadres to go back misao

Many thousands of cadres recalled unqualified cadres’ retraining recently, Yunnan province for village poverty alleviation cadres play a role is not sufficient, "day" and "nominal", not only helping around the heart, not only talk about the implementation situation, the implementation of the recall system of village cadres. Reporter survey found that, as of now, Guizhou, Hubei, Yunnan and other places have implemented the cadre recall system. According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of cadres because officials are not due to recall. Guizhou and Hubei and other places remediation is not an official in Yunnan Province in April this year announced the development of "village poverty alleviation team recall measures", to strengthen the guidance, training, management and assessment of the village poverty alleviation work team, not qualified, not suitable, do not perform their duties, not as strongly as the recall, there have been 1117 village the poverty alleviation work team was recalled. In Guizhou, Qianxi since 2014 to implement national cadres recall system, a multi state city of the province began to implement the rectification is not official, cadres’ retraining management system, including a total of Bijie city management cadres 510 people recall. According to the Hubei provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department, Hubei and more to take the form of a recall, strengthen supervision and management of cadres. Among them, Hubei Huangshi is not on the party and government discipline on duty but also enough the problem of cadres, the implementation of the recall management, has 19 county-level cadres, 37 level cadres to implement the recall, and carry out centralized education discipline for a week. In Hong’an County, Hubei Huanggang City, due to the existence of deficiencies and problems in the work of the 4 units of the "number one", 3 units and 5 units of deputy cadres recalled a total of 12 people. Recall management is "inhibition" of the reporter, are not familiar with, do not invest, work does not perform their duties, as is the main reason for cadres recalled. Dafang County, Guizhou, Bijie township party secretary Xiao Hua, due to the agricultural knowledge is not familiar with being recalled. Xiao Hua said, in a superior department investigation, he told the village agriculture are not familiar with the situation, this is not clear, especially for agricultural production and the traditional concept of "Yang opened the door" "closed door seedlings" questions completely do not understand, is the Organization Department of the recall. Zhang is stationed in the paddy field town of Yunnan Weixin County dam village village poverty alleviation work team. In the early stages of helping the village, Zhang often run in the original unit and two points in the village run, no body sink in the grassroots line to carry out the work, did not complete the task of poverty alleviation. Therefore, the implementation of the recall of Zhang Weixin, admonishing conversation. "The original thought does not violate the provisions of the eight, when a peace officer can All is well." Xiao Hua said, now that the recall management is "inhibition", is the cure is not official, lazy politics ministers, while urging his heart sank, bent down and working in rural areas. Should the concept of normalization "borrowing commodity recall recall system of cadres in recent years, the recall has become the assessment of cadres cadres appointment system innovation base relatively brisk." Xuhang professor at the Nankai University Zhou Enlai School of government, will be more capacity and style incapable cadres into the scope of the recall, in the governance of lazy officer, mediocre officers, let cadres do is attempt. According to the reporter, there are differences in the program around the cadre recall, but the basic process is roughly the same. Organization department or agency相关的主题文章: