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Maternal taboo – Sohu maternal and child in order to allow themselves to spend a happy pregnancy, maternal attention should be paid in the daily life. Then, the maternal note? Let Taiwan experts to tell you. Pregnant women who do not brush their teeth after pregnancy, due to changes in the endocrine, or inadequate intake of vitamin C, can have gingival congestion, edema, easy bleeding, especially when brushing bleeding. In addition, the teeth after pregnancy is often insufficient mineral supplement, poor teeth. The situation is unfavorable to the teeth, do not pay attention to oral hygiene, the oral bacteria increased in a large number of bacteria, food residue in the carbohydrate fermentation, to produce acid, lead to tooth decalcification, the formation of dental caries. Therefore, during pregnancy than usual to pay attention to oral hygiene, at least 1 times in the morning and evening brushing, mouthwash after meals. Don’t eat anything after you brush your teeth in the evening. If you have the habit of eating supper before bedtime and then brush my teeth 1 times. Mothers do not brush my teeth in the month of service in great harm. The first few days postpartum, in order to supplement nutrition, promote physical recovery, often for pregnant women with high sucrose, high protein, high fat diet, every day up to 6 to 7 meals in the food residue within a large, oral teeth, under the action of bacteria, fermentation become acidic substances, corrosive to the teeth, the incidence of dental caries and periodontitis stomatitis, greatly increased, and even induced by rheumatic fever, nephritis, heart disease Streptococcus infection. Mothers in childbirth within 3 months after the baby to avoid eating MSG does not appear zinc deficiency, pregnant women should avoid excessive msg. In general, adult eating MSG is beneficial and harmless, and the baby, especially 12 weeks baby, if the nurse in the intake of high protein diet at the same time, and the excessive consumption of MSG, is unfavorable. Because MSG in monosodium glutamate by milk will enter the baby’s body. An excess of sodium glutamate on infants, especially within 12 weeks of the baby have a serious impact on development, it can produce specific binding and the infant’s blood zinc, glutamate production can not be absorbed by the body, and zinc but with the urine, resulting in the lack of zinc, the baby, the baby not only taste bad, anorexia, but also can cause mental retardation, growth retardation and other adverse consequences. Do not take a bath, do not avoid maternal hair old habits of our children do not know how to disinfection, resulting in a lot of puerperal fever, and puerperal fever is mainly of antepartum and intrapartum health, disinfection and postpartum body is not clean, the bacteria enter the infection caused by it. Postpartum sweat is very active, easy sweating, breast swelling and drips down and milk, lochia, body hair sticky and some smell mixed together, they should pay more attention to health than usual. According to the laws of science, can also take a shower, wash the feet of postpartum. Timely bath can make the body blood circulation increase, accelerate the sweat pore unobstructed keep The new supersedes the old., and is conducive to the product of metabolism in the body through sweat. Can also regulate the vegetative nerve, restore physical strength, relieve muscle and nerve fatigue. A week after the general can be a bath, a month after the shower. Not a bath in the tub, lest the dirty water bath used poured into the genital tract and cause infection. Bath room temperature should be maintained at 34 – 36 C, water temperature at around 45 degrees celsius. After bath.相关的主题文章: