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The MCA agency hot whether restrict Chinese small number of officials said no restrictions – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported that the Malaysia government is deliberately limited to a small number of Chinese, has become a hot topic in the local Chinese community. Vice Minister of education Zhang Shengwen said the day before, he is very puzzling to people still think so. Zhang Shengwen stressed that the authorities did not limit the number of small hua. Zhang Shengwen said on the 22, the government not only never allowed to increase Chinese policy, but also out of school reservations by small jianhua. He said: "the day before someone asked me:" whether the government to increase the Chinese small? Is there a small number of Chinese made solid restrictions? " I just found out that some people still stay in the country before the idea of independence." He said that there are more than 1 thousand and 300 Malaysian independence before the Chinese small, there are currently 1298. Two more recent Chinese completed, China has increased to 1300. He said that most of the students before the Malaysian independence of China’s small students are 100 to 200 people, and now the majority of the number of students in China is a small number of students to 3000 people. Ma Guohua, the head of the association of the leading Chinese School Board of directors (Dong Zong) issued a statement the next day. Dong Zong said, Dong Zong and the Chinese delegation to the government have long been presenting many memos, asked the government according to the community population and education demand of small jianhua. Dong Zong often refers to the government in national elections or by elections before announcing the approval of additional or relocation of Chinese small, even not fully assume all the funds required for school and land, school projects also protracted. Zhang Shengwen said that Malaysia has 2008 new small Jianhua a total of 20, including seven new Chinese and 13 moved to the new location of Chinese small. He said that the current situation of Chinese teaching is not as tragic as before, although this did not meet the expectations of all, but the Chinese did not go to the verge of extinction.相关的主题文章: