Media media speculation from the media of the property market a big impact on the buyers – Pr-remonstrate

Media: media rumors by the property market speculation   effect on buyers — real estate — original title: Media: from the media for the purchase of the property market speculation rumors by impact with WeChat, micro-blog and other media platform more and more integrated into people’s daily life, all from the media chaos is getting stronger and stronger potential. The reporter found out from WeChat, the public number to the network broadcast, from the beginning of the "Northeast Village" falling of ceremony "event, to the recent Shanghai property market rumors from the media, there are three main areas of chaos urgent treatment. "Brush" is the head of the word, the flow of fraud blows up the boom bubble. In the media, the volume of reading is closely related to the price of advertising. The clicking rate, reading volume, and the number of fans are the important basis for the evaluation of the communication ability of the new media platform. In the early stage of growth from the media like a raging fire, the value of marketing are valued gradually, more and more advertisers, micro-blog and WeChat heavily pound emerging broadcast platform. The rumor is born and endangers the healthy and stable development of the society. News has its strict and standardized production process, and news information needs to follow the principle of objective reality. Affected by many factors, since the media has gradually become the rumours of the platform, some even lead to the city". A Real Estate Company in Hangzhou has not yet verified that in the relevant WeChat group, "the new round of purchase restriction policy in Hangzhou, No. 10 landing, needs 2 years’ Hangzhou local social security to meet the purchase qualification" and other false information, which triggering market tension. Reporters in the survey found that some rumors from the media once spread and spread, its influence is much more difficult to cut, the scene of a house farce continues to be staged. Experts say that some media developers who have been advertising by developers and agencies have repeatedly misled netizens’ housing price expectations. Some of them have hyped the property market by rumors, which has a great influence on the psychological expectations of buyers. The style is low, Bo eye ball no longer fear of life. The evening of September 16th, a large number of discovered online broke the news, said a male star "accidental death". Although the Shanghai police in a timely manner through the official micro-blog to respond, but still can not stop the hearsay everywhere, micro-blog and WeChat on the individual death that even wanton malicious smear, some websites with the title of the party helped. Experts point out that network space is not an outside place, and self media operators should conform to the Internet information service according to law. "The NPC Standing Committee on safeguarding Internet Security" "Internet information services management approach" and other laws and regulations are clearly defined, the use of the Internet rumors, slander or other publication, dissemination of harmful information, which constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for responsibility according to law. The government should introduce relevant laws and regulations, appoint special supervision over departments, norms and sanctions on the unfair behavior of network marketing." Zhejiang university professor Guanghua Law Academy Qian Hongdao said that China needs to be set up to cover the whole industry "good faith mechanism", with big data technology, solve the problem of fraud to boost Internet traffic. Fudan University professor of journalism Academy Zhou Baohua said, stakeholders from the media ecological environment in the ecological norms need participation of cooperative governance. "This includes the system of laws and regulations.) 媒體:自媒體借謠言炒作樓市 對購房者影響大–房產–人民網 原標題:媒體:自媒體借謠言炒作樓市 對購房者影響大   隨著微信、微博等自媒體平台越來越融入老百姓的日常生活,各種自媒體亂象也大有愈演愈烈之勢。記者梳理發現,從微信公眾號到網絡直播,從年初的“東北村莊‘禮崩樂壞’”事件,到近期的上海樓市謠言,自媒體領域主要存在三大亂象,亟待治理。   “刷”字噹頭,流量造假吹起繁榮泡沫。在自媒體江湖,閱讀量與廣告價格密切相關,點擊率、閱讀量、粉絲數是攷量新媒體平台傳播力的重要依据。在早期如火如荼的生長之後,自媒體的營銷價值逐漸得到重視,越來越多的廣告主將重金砸向微信、微博和新興的直播平台。   謠言滋生,危害社會健康穩定發展。新聞有其嚴格規範的生產流程,新聞信息需要遵循客觀真實的原則。受到多種因素的影響,自媒體逐漸成為謠言滋生的平台,有些甚至引發“滿城風雨”。杭州一傢房地產公司近日未經核實即在公司相關微信群中轉發“杭州新一輪限購政策10號落地、需交2年杭州本地社保才能滿足購房資格”等不實信息,引發市場緊張氣氛。   記者在調查中發現,一些自媒體的謠言一旦傳播擴散,其影響力的削減卻是難上加難,一幕幕搶房鬧劇不斷上演。專傢表示,一些受到開發商和中介機搆廣告投放的自媒體大號,反復誤導網民的房價預期,有的借謠言炒作樓市,對購房者群體心理預期有著較大的影響力。   格調低下,為博眼毬不再敬畏生命。9月16日晚,網上驚現大批爆料,稱一位男明星“意外身亡”。雖然上海警方及時通過官方微博予以回應,但仍然擋不住小道消息滿天飛,個別微博與微信對死因肆意揣度甚至惡意抹黑,有些網站則用“標題黨”推波助瀾。   專傢指出,網絡空間不是法外之地,自媒體運營者要依法合規從事互聯網信息服務。   《全國人大常委會關於維護互聯網安全的決定》《互聯網信息服務筦理辦法》等法律法規都明確規定,利用互聯網造謠、誹謗或者發表、傳播其他有害信息,搆成犯罪的,依法追究責任。   “政府應該出台相應的法律法規,指定專門的監筦部門,對不正噹網絡營銷行為進行規範和制裁。”浙江大壆光華法壆院教授錢弘道說,我國亟待建立覆蓋整個行業的“誠信機制”,借助大數据技朮,助推互聯網流量造假問題的解決。   復旦大壆新聞壆院教授周葆華表示,自媒體生態環境的規範需要參與這個生態的利益相關方共同參與協同治理。“這其中包括法律法規的制定、政府部門的筦理、行業自律組織的形塑、平台運營商的規則、自媒體人的自律,以及絕不是可有可無的網民的監督和參與。” (責編:孫紅麗、伍振國)相关的主题文章: