Media secret global super terrorist airport test driving landing

Media secret "global super terrorist Airport:" test pilot skill super terrorist Madeira airport, landing a breathtaking 100% (Figure / turn taken from YouTube) reference news network February 23rd Taiwan media reported that had been voted one of the "global terrorist airport near the Portuguese island of Madeira because of the mountains and the sea, the unique geographical environment, often appear strong airflow 80 kilometers per hour, for the driver, need excellent driving skills to master. According to the Taiwan news website reported on February 22nd, recently, the network spread a thriller, when an aircraft per hour 78 kilometers under strong crosswind landing to the airport, the fuselage by strong wind shaking, finally landing runway, suddenly was wind and crooked, looks pretty scary, but fortunately the appropriate control the plane will hold smoothly. According to the daily mail, there were 2 accidents in Madeira airport because of the short runway and the gust of wind. In 1977, a Boeing 727 veered off the runway and crashed into a nearby beach. Another Portuguese airline TP425 crashed out of the runway and crashed into the bridge, then crashed into the beach, killing 131 people. To prevent the accident, the local government lengthened the runway length by 1 kilometers in 2000. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

媒体揭秘“全球超恐怖机场”:考验驾驶降落功力 超恐怖马德拉机场,降落惊险100%(图/翻摄自YouTube)   参考消息网2月23日报道 台媒称,曾被票选为“全球恐怖机场之一”的葡萄牙马德拉岛因靠近山脉和海洋,独特的地理环境,常出现时速80公里的强劲气流,对于驾驶员而言,亟需绝佳驾驶技巧才可驾驭。   据台湾东森新闻云网站2月22日报道,近日网络流传一段惊险影片,当时一架飞机在每小时78公里的强劲侧风下欲降落机场,机身被强风吹得摇摇晃晃,好不容易降落跑道,顿时又被阵风吹歪,看起来相当可怕,所幸机长控制得当,顺利将飞机稳住。   据《每日邮报》报道,马德拉机场因为跑道过短,加上阵风威力强大,曾发生过2次意外。1977年一架波音727班机偏出跑道,坠毁至附近的海滩,另一架葡萄牙航空TP425班机先是冲出跑道撞毁桥梁,接着坠毁海滩,造成131人不幸丧生。为了防止意外再起,当地政府在2000年将跑道长度加长1公里。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: