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Media survey of telecommunications fraud: 170, No. 171, no registration can still buy – Sohu news yesterday, Beijing Street mobile phone booth can easily buy a virtual phone number card. Beijing News reporter Li Ming photo shop sellers do not need to register, you can use section 170 phone card. Recently, the 18 year old college students in Linyi, Xu Yuyu due to telephone fraud section No. 171, was cheated out of $9900 tuition after cardiac arrest. It will be 170, paragraph 171 of the "black card" again dragged into the vortex of public opinion. Yesterday, Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau issued an emergency alert said, 170, paragraph 171 because of regulatory measures in place, have become a hotbed of telephone fraud and sms. According to the requirements of the Ministry of industry, telecommunications enterprises should strictly implement the real name registration of network users. But yesterday, the reporter found that experience, Beijing city is not the real name registration buy a "black card" is not difficult. Without the real name registration Street easy to buy cards yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the South Third Ring Road near a mobile phone retail card, signs that handle various types of mobile phone cards, package business". Reporter asked whether there is no 170, paragraph 171 phone number to sell? The boss readily responded with booth". He told reporters that this card all over the country to call more than 10 Fen minutes, receive free, very cheap. Only section 170, the sale is not sold on the 171." Then the boss from the cabinet side pulls out a mobile phone card, throw on the counter, 6, marks the Beijing unicom. The number 170 is heading, unopened. Do not need to buy this card real name registration, usually sold to acquaintances, you do not say everywhere on the line." The boss told reporters that this card can not buy a regular business hall. Reporters in the selection of the number, the boss added, "a 50, there are 30 yuan bill, the card can be used." The boss told reporters, to buy this kind of card people quite a lot of people to buy more Zhang no problem. When a reporter asked why such a card can not be registered when the real name can be purchased, the boss did not explain too much, I give you to open your heart." In addition, he also reminded reporters, now unified requirements do card real name registration, check tight, no one dare to sell. Ministry of the people to check once a month, found (not real name registration) fined 30 thousand." The reporter took an 170 mobile phone card paid, unpacked, installed card, a few minutes later, with mobile phone card received four from "chinatelling" messages, display card has been opened. Subsequently, the reporter used the phone to call, caller ID for Beijing Unicom, then hit no strange. Subsequently, the reporter dialed telling the mobile customer service hotline, hotline after verification, reporters purchased 170 starts for the sale of the mobile phone card is telling the mobile, the card has been opened to use normal." After investigation, the reporter card no name, cardholder ID card information. In this regard, the customer service staff recommended that reporters identity information collection, "if it is detected by the system, the number will be shutdown, makeup information before use." But as of press time reporter, the number is still able to fight the normal. Customer service staff told reporters, is a regular day mobile virtual operators in June 2014, Yu相关的主题文章: