Meizu 9.5 open conference invitation is a let many people see the cry of mobile phone nlite

Meizu 9.5 open conference invitation is a let many people see the cry of the mobile phone sina mobile phone news on August 25th afternoon news today, Meizu sent invitations to the media, will hold a charm blue new conference in the gymnasium of University of Science and Technology Beijing in September 5th". When the opening of the Sina mobile phone invitation moment, inside the gift poke in the presence of many people’s tears. Charm Blue September 5th invitation letter Meizu released content is a NOKIA 09-10 peak in the business machine – E71. This can not help but let a lot of people think of the year of youth". Open the phone when the classic Connaught bell, poke a lot of people in tears". Is youth so gone forever? Of course, the Meizu will release the product is to allow all young users can buy high-quality business phone, to create this era of E71, back to the time of youth". Charm Blue September 5th invitation was reported, Meizu may be released in September 5th is a large screen phone – Charm Blue max, this product will be the flagship of the young business style. The screen size will be larger than any previous blue phone, perhaps 6 inches or more. In addition to this foreign minister will also serve as one of the main features of the mobile phone. At present, more news about this product being unknown, we see more news conference September 5th. (Regal)相关的主题文章: