Melbourne Chinese lawmakers announced that the mayor is expected to spend 100 thousand Australian do-dingxiangwuyuetian

Melbourne Chinese members for mayor is expected to cost $100 thousand – Beijing (Australia "new Express" quoted Australia’s "Herald Sun" picture) Chinese overseas network on 20 September, according to "the Australian daily" quoted Australia’s "Herald Sun" reported that the Melbourne city councilman Wang Zong Kennedy (Ken Ong) will spend $100 thousand to participate in the mayor of Melbourne campaign. Melbourne mayor Doyle will also seek re-election, creating a record of three consecutive elected mayor. And Wang Zongjian September 20th will be in Melbourne City Hall called "fresh blood, fresh ideas" slogan. Wang Zongjian said he hopes to eliminate conflicts between individuals and create a United council. Wang Zongjian said: in fact, is hard work, roll up his sleeves to clean up the streets. I served as members have 8 years time, I think Melbourne City taxpayers are very clever, they are not blind to vote." Under Melbourne’s directly elected mayor, Wang Zongjian would lose his place in parliament if he failed to beat him. It is reported that Wang Zongjian had donated 6 digits of funds, the election to become the deputy of doyle. But then announced that he would run for mayor. Businesswoman Moffat (Sue Morphet) will campaign to become deputy of Wang Zongjian. Wang Zongjian said he would promote the economic engine of Melbourne’s role in the first place, to solve the city’s growing problem of homelessness. When it comes to the problem of homelessness, Wang Zongjian said: "if we’ve been doing the same thing in the same way, then a year one year, the results will not change, we have to come up with a different strategy. If it means negotiating with the state or the federal government, we will do the same." And four others have announced that they will run for mayor of Melbourne. They are former Federal politician Krier Ali, Green Party candidate Pohl, pollsters Morgan and Lawrence brothers before Geely boss. Victoria in October election nomination will officially end on September 21st at noon.相关的主题文章: