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MG5 is the "cannon"? The door to the Sohu cars for MG5, British style appearance, some love, some people may not love, look at the "driver" is how to evaluate her. Netizen: 120 s f1.4 ISO 100 as dancing [appearance] small 5 appearance that is not to say, sharp face, big ass, great personality, the key is the road rarely crash, don’t want a public sign on the street looking ahead are uniform…… Net friend: immigrants to Saudi Arabia 120 s ISO f1.4 space [space] did not have to say that the basic is with the wife of the 2 people, and occasionally sit full of 5 people. Full load back or a little crowded. I do a little business, usually Lara goods what have to say. Excellent。 Netizen: 120 s ISO 100 f1.4 solar pencil [] in the interior control my mind, work feel good, I was equipped with inkaNet navigation, down to feel good, navigation is quite accurate, in addition to the interface is also very visible, I very love. User: great beauty girl 120 f1.4 ISO [power] had to say now SAIC powertrain is too good for S. There is no strong torque to drive other cars. That hard for high speed S gear overtaking. The cannon is not langdexuming. Netizen: shut up 120 s f1.4 ISO 100. [] manipulation control is very good, before the car could drive a lot of cars, car, jeep, car, have tried. The price of the domestic car, 5 small control is very awesome, definitely deserve to be called cannon. Friends who love MG5 is evident. MG5 design enough exercise to meet many young people love. Design enough fashion, but also to meet the needs of different consumers, the cost is also high. There’s nothing to be picky about!相关的主题文章: