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Millet 5S 5S Plus: these black technology is not enough " black "? Sohu science and technology Sohu digital Lv Linxuan millet 5S is not scheduled to. Eight months ago, millet listed on the 5, and millet will not be too far away from the 6. At this point to launch a flagship product does not seem to be the rhythm. But this is an impossible time. On the one hand, it is difficult to boost sales of millet, the market has been singing bad voice; on the other hand, millet is also an urgent need to follow up on a new round of hardware iteration. Although millet 4S is released as millet 5 supporting role, but in the second half of this year, millet need to bring out a drain current all black technology in the mobile phone, and millet 5S debut, and comes with a 5S Plus. ID design is not the same as the embarrassment of the two phones do not like the same generation of products, the appearance of large differences. Millet 5S fingerprint recognition on the front, and millet 5S Plus on the back, while millet 5S phone camera located in the upper left corner of the phone, but millet 5S Plus is located above. Two important details to make the appearance of the lack of consistency of the two phones. On the contrary, if you look at the Meizu or millet black out of the music as the phone is so similar to the long, family heritage done quite in place. Two mobile phones are quite exquisite appearance. Millet 5S fingerprint identification using ultrasonic fingerprint identification scheme, so no holes, and millet in order to make the function area is more clear, and the region into a groove. Fortunately, however, very good touch, and with the surrounding consistency. Black version of millet 5S has a more perfect sense of integration, if replaced with a white front panel, you may find that the big black border ID design without borders. Millet and 5S Plus uses a very narrow border, look very good impression. Two phones are more consistent appearance from the back. Two mobile phone use certain radian, which 5S radian slightly larger, but two of the mobile phone grip is very good. At the same time, the two phones are using metal wire drawing process. No matter how to tell the story of the process, no matter how smooth, cannot erase process and the perception of this sense of the times and cheap feeling, at least when I read junior high school to buy MP4 have salesman in Amway I this concept, but it has been almost ten years ago. Even if you look at the back cover you will feel that you are looking at a red rice phone. All in all, if single appearance, I would prefer the previous generation millet 5 appearance. At the same time, ID two mobile phone design is not consistent, not millet 5S Plus is the "XL" version of millet 5S, and then we will talk about the black technology in the two mobile phone distribution apart, there is always a two mobile phone will be forced together in a generational sense. This piece of millet with the usual configuration of top of the configuration. (?) Leave a question mark means that this year’s millet configuration may not be so top. Millet 5S collocation of Xiaolong 821 into the low version of the 2.15GHZ, while the memory is actually the epoch-making 3GB start..相关的主题文章: