Ministry of Commerce hope the EU as soon as possible to complete the termination of photovoltaic ant fkzww

Department of Commerce: at the EU as soon as possible to completely terminate PV anti-dumping and Countervailing Measures — energy — according to the Ministry of commerce website news, today, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference, spokesman Shen Danyang responded to the domestic and foreign media concern sensitive issues. Record as follows: 1, this year’s national day during the national consumer market and compared to the same period last year what are the new features? What are the priorities of the business sector in ensuring the market supply of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday? Answer: this year, eleven golden week, the national consumer market to maintain steady and rapid growth. According to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring, October 1st to 7, the national retail and catering enterprises to achieve sales of about $12000, an increase of 10.7% over the same period last year. Among them, clothing, household appliances, cars and other goods sales highlights, public catering, leisure and entertainment service consumption favored popular green, sharing, the simple concept of consumption, accelerate the integration of innovative online and offline, personalized, diversified and customized consumption trend, more and more people the pursuit of healthy eating, out of fashion and with quality, play taste. For this year’s Mid Autumn Festival "Golden Week Festival and national day two" market supply, before my department issued a special notice requiring local competent commercial departments to deploy, during the two actively build a public platform to promote consumption, to ensure market supply stability, and further strengthen market monitoring and early warning. From the actual situation, this year during the two around the business sector of the market for the security and consumer promotion are doing full of sound and colour is very effective. For example, the organization of circulation enterprises Chongqing city business in the field of centralized procurement of vegetables, daily monitoring market dynamics; Qingdao city in the period of two devoted to vegetables, meat, soy products and other commodities reserves totaled 6250 tons; the city of Urumqi in the Eid al AdhA and during the mid autumn day accumulated a total set of 73 points put meat reserves, to effectively meet the market needs, enrich the holiday market supply. 2, the end of August last year, the "opinions" of the State Council on promoting the rule of law and trade circulation modernization of the domestic business environment issued. I would like to ask the past year, the Ministry of Commerce to do what work to implement the "opinions"? What has been achieved? Answer: in the past year, the Ministry of Commerce on the "opinions" of the request, to the transformation of government functions as the core, with innovation and transformation to lead to the construction of rule of law in the business environment as the main line, mainly carried out six aspects of the work. One is to improve the long-term mechanism of domestic circulation work. Submitted to the State Council approved the issuance of the 11 and the implementation of the "opinions" supporting guidance documents, to promote the domestic circulation modernization has formed the "1+11" file and supporting policy system. In conjunction with the relevant departments issued and implemented the national distribution node urban planning, agricultural product market system development plan, e-commerce logistics development special planning. The circulation standardization information management system has been established, and 23 circulation standards have been revised. The two is to promote the domestic circulation of lowering the efficiency. In promoting the circulation informatization, standardization and centralization on the basis of the implementation of the "Internet plus circulation" action plan, and promote e-commerce into the community in the rural areas, promote the integration of online and offline Development)相关的主题文章: