Miss white 2016 Chengdu auto show to the top ten hot new car (video) pullip

Miss white 2016 Chengdu auto show to the top ten hot new car over another two days, the nineteenth Chengdu auto show will be officially kicked off, and in this show will have a big wave of new cars hit. There are luxury Bentley, Porsche, as well as the Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, as well as many close to the ordinary consumer models. So many cars, which are the most noteworthy? Today, Eckart (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) editor for everyone to bring 10 hot new models, a few day behind the scenes you can focus on their dynamic. Test drive 2016 Volvo S90-2.0T-T6 top – Volvo new S90 show: listed aspect models: Nordic new generation flagship sedan, SPA platform, semi automatic driving, high 2.0T engine, limited to 390 units pre price: 57-72 million new comment: as Volvo’s new flagship model, S90 launch of the brand image promotion a major positive, a show is Volvo technical strength, but the short axis version of the price is not high, with the BMW 5 Series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Li and Mercedes Benz E class (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) version of the long axis of such heavyweight opponent, to make a breakthrough in sales to domestic the long version of the model. Other hand, the new Volvo S90 reference design Volvo Concept Coupe concept car, and in the design with the previously listed XC90 has many similarities, especially the new S90 with a mark of the hammer of Thor LED lamp, bumper is designed through the formula, quite a bit of sense of movement. The new Volvo S90 side with a relatively straight waist, body outward, great sense of power, C column with large inclination angle, with a Coupe car smell, but relatively speaking, is not very bright. The biggest thing is that the rear end of the car with a C type LED taillights, which may also become a new family of Volvo car design elements. The end of the launch of the domestic Volvo S90L is a long wheelbase version of the S90, which launched in order to comply with the needs of the Chinese market. The interior design with Volvo XC90 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) has more similarities, the control uses a large-size LCD screen, and to the driver side, this screen also integrates the original should be controlled most of the buttons on taiwan. In the control design is very simple, extensive use of wood decorative panels and metal decorative pieces, highlighting the high sense. Multi function steering wheel design is similar to XC90, powerful, using a two color match. The new S90 is equipped with a powerful Sensus intelligent vehicle interaction system. The new Volvo S90 global configuration of the most advanced automatic driving technology of Pilot Assist, the technology innovation is able to automatically intervene smooth steering system, vehicle clear driving and steering speed in the lane mark on the highway along the inner 130km H. The maturity of this technology will become a new milestone in the realization of automatic driving on the road (with reference, pictures, inquiry) monument. Dynamic)相关的主题文章: