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More than 160 summer youth physical examination   31 people suffering from high cholesterol — Society — original title: during the period of more than 160 young people in 31 people with high blood fat summer, more than 160 young people in a routine health examination in Tongji hospital. The result is shocking, usually appears in adults in hyperuricemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension in these children. Yesterday, experts worried that high fat, high protein, high salt diet and do not like the habit of moving children suffering from "adult disease". Prospective students to the point of nephritis renal failure in the college entrance examination this year, Hu admitted to two, the big family dinner to celebrate his. During Hu rather pale, the family is not assured, to accompany him to the hospital for medical examination, who was found in proteinuria, high uric acid, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, the worst is found to suffer from obesity associated glomerulonephritis, renal failure and to the point, the inevitable future dialysis. The family knelt in front of the doctor and asked for a reversal of the process of kidney failure. Director of the hospital medical center of Nephrology professor Lv Yongman painfully shook his head, the process of kidney disease often quietly, to the development of renal failure, and difficult to recover. Hu has some common points of her children: 1 meters hyperuricemia admissions 72 heads, after a period of time to lose weight, weight is 97 kg. Especially like to eat meat, seafood, drink when the water to drink, do not love moving…… Lv Yongman introduction, more than 1 months of summer, more than more than 6 years old – age of young people to carry out physical examination, hyperuricemia has a total of 48, accounting for 30%; hyperlipidemia has a total of 31, accounting for 19.4%; high blood pressure has a total of 6, accounting for 3.7%, accounting for 160. The statistical results came out, she hastened to communicate with the Department of internal medicine, cardiovascular physicians, experts and she was shocked. Although the sample size is not large enough, but still can explain some problems. Lv Yongman said that in the early 80s of last century, when she was studying medical textbooks, essential hypertension is considered to be more than 40 years old people will get sick. Only two years ago, China’s adult incidence of hyperuricemia was 23.6%, the physical examination of children than adults. Limit salt intake and actively participate in physical exercise is harmful to the health of the "three high". Hyperuricemia 10% – more than 20% will lead to gout, there will be a considerable part of the damage caused by the kidney, not timely control, and ultimately lead to renal failure. Hyperlipidemia and hypertension are the leading killers of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases". Lv Yongman analysis, the children of "three high" and the diet structure and living habits are closely related. In the irreversible damage caused by the reconstruction of the correct way of life, most of the children can return to normal, in particular, the need for serious treatment in a timely manner, the effect is much better than adult patients. According to reports, hyperuricemia often stare at high protein foods like obese children. High salt diet is an important cause of high blood pressure in children, a fast food intake of salt is two times the maximum daily salt intake. A large number of fried foods and other foods will induce hyperlipidemia. Doctors suggest that children develop a good habit of life is imminent, proper control of diet, limit salt intake, eat less or do not eat animal fat, more)相关的主题文章: