More than about 600000 strains of Xiamen injured trees lodging green area 90% damaged-popkart

More than about 600000 strains of Xiamen injured trees lodging green area 90% damaged tree root residue of a non-woven fabric and barbed wire. Yang Shumei put on his old clothes and put them on the line. The newspaper news (reporter Wu Haikui) "Meranti" caused by damage to the city greening, more than 90% of the green area is damaged, about 600000 trees lodging. Many people in distress, but also ask: why would lose so many trees? Yesterday, the Municipal Bureau of parks and green experts organized response. City Greening Management Center Senior Engineer Chen Bie said, the objective aspect, the "Meranti" strong wind, the street tree is different from the trees on the hill, with shallow roots, plus some time ago more rain, the soil of the root of bubble, and therefore more prone to lodging. The subjective aspect, in recent years, the rapid development of city construction in our city, in order to pursue the good, the introduction of flowering trees, such as fire wood, Falcataria, Bauhinia, but these species of wind is not strong, easily broken, damaged in the typhoon, the most is the flowering trees, in the typhoon, trees the pruning is not enough, as the saying goes, "the fall". Chen Bie said the disaster caused the reflection of Landscaping Department, next Landscaping Department will optimize the selection of tree species, taking into account not only ornamental, but also take into account the consideration of wind resistance, while strengthening the research, suitable for the cultivation of tree species. In addition, in custody, before the typhoon comes, will strengthen the pruning of trees, increase their ventilation. We don’t have much time to save them in accordance with the illustration of this newspaper published yesterday, the public actively rescue trees Washington (reporter Wu Haikui correspondent Xue Rong) fallen trees, the leaves slowly wither, they need to rescue! Yesterday, the Municipal Gardens Bureau and the newspaper issued a "save trees" initiative and provide technical guidance and righting trees, spread widely on the Internet, a positive response caused a lot of people, have around the house, inside and outside the cell debris, rescue the trees involved in cleaning up the ranks. Pruning branches, thinning leaves, dug pit, trees, the establishment of a centralizer, reinforcement, soil compaction, water conservation…… Yesterday, the 7 Lake Scenic residential owners in accordance with scientific methods to rescue fallen trees. Because of the professional and technical personnel in the departments of municipal landscaping, road rescue in cleaning up the trees, it can not take into account the small trees, and trees to rescue the golden period of only four or five days, with the passage of time, the survival rate of trees is also in decline, so many small owners and property managers are in action, rescue their homeland green. City Greening Management Center experts said, the root is a source of nutrition and water trees, damaged root trees lodging, nutrient transport ability greatly reduced, so to protect the trees before righting, roots, to strong pruning on leaves and twigs, to reduce transpiration water, it also can improve the survival rate of trees. In addition, the trees to rear righting reinforcement to prevent lodging again. (it could refer to the September 18th Edition reported B02) as the temperature rose, the fallen trees wither slowly, so the relevant departments to please the public to seize the time, "to save a tree is a tree". Dear readers, such as;相关的主题文章: