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Nanchong, the first time to usher in the Taiwan tourism charter tourists – tourism Channel original title: Nanchong for the first time to usher in Taiwan tourism charter tourists on the evening of August 22nd 7, the first batch of tourists arrived in Taiwan tourist charter flights. 23, 8, the first stop of the Taiwan tourism charter team welcome ceremony held in Hong Kong hotel. Municipal Committee Hu Bin attended the welcoming ceremony. It is understood that in late August 19th 7, took off from Taipei Taoyuan Airport Taiwan tourism charter after 3 hours of flight, arrived at Chongqin Jiangbei Airport at 10:30 in the evening. Tourists in Chongqing, Jinfo Mountain, Wulong and other scenic spots, arrived in Nanchong at 7 pm on August 22nd. This is the first arrived in Nanchong, Taiwan tourist charter flights, marking the Nanchong tourism industry has opened the market in Taiwan. In 8 days and 7 nights of the trip, Taiwan tourists will stay in Nanchong for 3 days, 23 days after the tour of Gaoping Lingyun mountain, Confucious’Temple Street, China Silk Museum, in the afternoon went to Langzhong tiangongyuan area, that night to watch a large-scale live performance — an fairyland; tourism delegation will also visit Langzhong Baita Mountain, the temple, the ancient city of Langzhong and other attractions, scenic spot. 24 at noon, travel to Guangyuan, 25 days to return to Nanchong for 26 days, return to Chongqin Jiangbei Airport, the opportunity to return to Taiwan. Nanchong has 18 A-level scenic spots. To open up a broader tourism market last year, Mid Autumn Festival, I invited the Taiwan Association of travel agents on behalf of the association to visit Nanchong, in May this year, and the delegation to Kaohsiung, Taipei, for a week held in Nanchong tourism promotion will, caused the Taiwan tourists to Nanchong spring festival culture, Fengshui culture, and culture of the Three Kingdoms silk culture tourism culture interest. "I was the first to come to Nanchong, the first feeling is the construction of the city along the Jialing River is very modern, and imagined the mainland cities are very different." About to Nanchong experience, 52 year old Taiwan tourists Zhu Xirong told reporters, "the culture in the mainland, in Taiwan, and the East Asian cultural circle has a very big influence, and Nanchong as an important birthplace of the culture of nature is worth a look. I have heard of the "ancient city of Langzhong," the Three Kingdoms culture is very unique, and now finally have the opportunity to look at, but also count the years of a wish." "The first batch of Taiwan tourism charter tourists arrived in Nanchong in Taiwan will attract more tourists to travel in Nanchong in the future, we plan to have a monthly tourist charter, Taiwan tourists travel to Nanchong in the future will become the norm." City visitors reception center Xi Lijun told reporters. (reporter Du Jie Intern Wei Kaicheng) (Qin Jing, commissioning editor: happy)相关的主题文章: