Nanjing has raised the threshold of bank loans more stringent than the new regulations-sugus

Nanjing has raised the threshold for loans to banks more stringent than the new regulations during the national day, the introduction of the purchase of credit limit Nanjing new deal to upgrade the entire property market. Yesterday was the first working day after the new deal, Huaqiaolu real estate archives are queued do proof of purchase Jibao, by 3:30 yesterday afternoon has issued more than 1 thousand and 300 no.. At the same time, there have been significant changes in the market, once the core of the disk has been a real estate market will be opened in the west, the main city of the new home sales continued dismal, not limited to the purchase of Lishui and eye-catching performance. In addition, the reporter learned that Nanjing has several banks out of the latest mortgage rules, some more stringent than the new regulations. Modern Express reporter Xu Cen Nanjing ZAKER horse Lele Wang Jing watch the scene of thousands of people packed with proof of purchase real estate archives of Nanjing yesterday the fire is not the Housing Authority, but the real estate archives. How much fire? A more than and 30 year old resident Mr. Qiu at 7:30 in the morning to the door, there are already more than and 200 people in the queue. The official opening of the archives at 9 in the morning, the business has been put out in the morning of the number of more than and 800, and the business was handled to No. more than and 200, No. 11. Until 11:30, after waiting for 4 hours, then turn to Mr. qiu. More than and 60 year old grandmother Wang sat on the doorstep of the archives, eating biscuits with their own drinking water. "We have more than 9 in the morning, but also to help the intermediary queue." She told the modern express reporter, her daughter would also like to buy a suite, to sell the house to her, so she opened the house to prove. It was not until 3:30 p.m., more than 6 hours later. On the steps of squatting, standing in front of the bed, sitting; and dragging the box to arm the elderly, with children…… The entire property archives crowded, the staff pulled up the separation line to maintain order. Modern Express reporter learned that, at 3:30 p.m., has issued a more than 1 thousand and 300 number, and the business was handled to 503, most of which are to prove the purchase of ready to buy a house. Since the introduction of the new deal in Nanjing, more people, take the number every day to more than 1 thousand." Archives security told reporters, before September 30th, the archives also took the number more than 1 thousand and 200. "Today is the first day of work after the holiday, according to the current trend is estimated by more than 1 thousand and 500." Security said, estimated at ninety in the evening to work. In contrast, the opposite side of the Nanjing real estate transactions overseas Chinese road hall is a lot less. Two floor take the number of the window almost no queue, but some people come to consult. "There are a lot of people to queue up in the morning, some people in a file queue to take the number, a queue here to take the number. But have to get proof of purchase, to come here to take the number of business." Staff introduction. Remind the master of the field to buy a house without proof of social security for the purchase of the new deal under the purchase of Nanjing to prove the issue, the Nanjing municipal real estate registration bureau issued a supplementary notice. Foreign household registration personnel to Nanjing buyers, will be in accordance with the September 25th purchase order requirements, the implementation of the purchase of 1 sets of policies, but do not need to issue tax or social security certificate,"相关的主题文章: