Nanjing land network developers take the fastest 2 seconds to grab a plus price-mia farrow

Nanjing racquet land developers get hungry the fastest 2 seconds with a price control policy introduced after Nanjing, ushered in the first land transfer test. After the property market for the first time the land auction, the land sector in Nanjing broke the maximum price set. With the highest price breakthrough in September 19th, Nanjing, Jiangning G44 plots will become the first to meet the existing standards in Nanjing, before the sale of the project. Developers hunger for land, from the frequency of the shot can be seen in one or two. In the bidding for the G44 block in Nanjing, the most intense time even to reach every 2 seconds, the frequency of the increase. Developers from the auction reflects the thirst for land, the other side is the rise in prices. Nanjing new deal for the first time after the same day, the National Bureau of statistics released in September 19 days in the city of 70 in the sale price statistics of large and medium cities in August. Sub City Point of view, one or two, three cities new commercial housing and second-hand housing prices rose than last month to expand. 70 new commercial housing residential average price rose as much as 1.26%, second-hand housing residential average chain rose as high as $0.89%, refresh the single month record. Developers get the thirst of the morning of September 19th, Nanjing launched a new policy after the introduction of the property market in the first land auction, the same day, Nanjing were in the online to sell the five plots, of which Jiangning District G44 residential land, break the government set price 3 billion 150 million yuan, becoming the first to pierce the guidance price of the government land. G44 plots just sold, full of gunpowder. G44 is located in Nanjing Jiangning Affirmative Road next to the subway station, traffic advantage is obvious. It is understood that the region in recent months, there is no new site supply, so much concern developers. Nanjing media evaluation, the land price quotes, every seven or eight seconds when the offer was refreshed once, even when the most intense bidding to achieve the frequency of once every 2 seconds. Only 4 minutes, the land auction has reached the 60 round, the price has reached the 122 round of the ten round. Developers to shoot the extent of hunger, which can be seen. When the 182 round of bidding, the price of housing prices reached $3 billion 160 million, G44 block touched the highest price set by the government $3 billion 150 million. According to the latest rules Nanjing soil shoot, shoot more than the highest price auction, G44 plots will be on the scene of the 23 wave number, and then increase the magnitude of the land to confirm the final attribution. If the 19 day shoot up to 3 billion 160 million yuan bid to push down, the Nanjing G44 block floor price of nearly 13 thousand yuan per square meter, is 2.36 times the starting price of 5508 yuan per square meter. According to the rules of the new policy in Nanjing, if the land auction online breakthrough government guidance, the project must be reached before the sale of existing standards. As a result, G44 plots will be the first by the government in Nanjing must meet the existing standards, in order to sell real estate. It is understood that the region is not currently in the sale of new projects in the region, had a silver blue Creek County project liquidation before the last trading price of 15 thousand and 800 yuan per square meter. G44 plots, although the price is higher, but the highest unit price in Jiangning Nanjing, Fujian housing prices by the overseas Chinese funded.相关的主题文章: