Nanjing Shuangxue real cheap online auction is zero registration drop dead diva

Nanjing Shuangxue real cheap online auction is "zero registration" 1800 times "crowd" failed to attract a personal registration — Taobao auction will auction Nanjing Hexi a double school district housing property in 24 on the morning of 10, 18 days after the auction announcement attracted spectators frequently hang out click, however, see the distance the auction started has been less than 2 days, the number of applicants is 0". This is the second time the school district room online auction, November 17th at 10 to 18, when the first auction of 10, because no one has signed up for a flow. Once hot Shuangxue Hexi District real, but now no longer be beautiful. The judicial auction house for Nanjing West Yincheng Xide international community first District 13 Building 2 unit 604 room, an area of 131.46 square meters. District has a new primary school and the city of new town, the Department of secondary school district, the end of last year to purchase this year, before the credit limit control, residential secondary housing prices generally more than 45 thousand yuan square meters. The housing of the starting price of only 36 thousand yuan per square meter, the intermediary said that the current market in the sale of the same area with apartment layout second-hand housing price of around 45 thousand yuan per square meter, the real estate auction price lower than the market price of about 10 thousand yuan per square meter! This set of houses in November 17th 10 to 18, 10 for the first time, the auction starting price of 5 million 926 thousand yuan, the price of 45 thousand yuan, but there was no sign up to participate in the auction. The starting price of 4 million 740 thousand and 800 yuan, compared with the starting price dropped by nearly 1 million 200 thousand yuan for the first time. Participate in the auction required to pay 300 thousand yuan deposit, each increase of $5000. To 17 pm yesterday, when the time limit for auction consultation, the number of online onlookers has reached up to 1864 people, but still stay in the registration of the 0". If the auction has not yet traded, the listing will be launched third times a week after the auction, the price will be further adjusted. The reporter also saw on the auction page, this is not only a suite has no sign up for auction, will be located in Gulou District, Jianye District, Yuhuatai district and Jiangning district on the same day of the auction the other 5 sets of residential houses, is also high in volume, zero enrollment capacity crowd. Online real estate auction, a window is actually on the market hot and cold. Because of the real estate auction starting price is usually lower than the market price, sometimes "out of print" auction or selling real estate second-hand products, therefore, in a rising market, will attract a group purchasing power to compete. In March 18th this year, Nanjing Hexi Yanlord Residence Internazionale a area of 294.97 square meters of residential houses in the online auction, after 140 rounds of bidding, the transaction price of 12 million 190 thousand yuan, higher than the starting price of 4 million 300 thousand yuan, the transaction price of 41 thousand and 300 yuan per square meter. In November 18th, a new island oasis Island Yanlord 125 square metres of Housing online auction, attracted 8 people to participate in the auction, after 55 rounds of bidding, the final transaction price of 4 million 916 thousand yuan, the transaction price 39 thousand and 200 yuan / square meters, the area is still more than the same area in the sale of second-hand housing 42 thousand yuan, 44 thousand yuan price a lot cheaper. As can be seen, even if the purchase has been implemented, the limit of credit, but the housing price is still super high or suck相关的主题文章: