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NASA astronaut photography big cousin commentary   "the beautiful planet" stunning the audience — entertainment channel — in Japan before the opening of the thirteenth session of Changchun Film Festival screenings during the week, a 2016 new IMAX science film exhibition has become a topic of the moment, sparked enthusiastic response to the local audience in Jilin. This named "beautiful star" of the science film length is only more than and 40 minutes, by NASA astronauts from space camera latest handheld IMAX palm mirror shooting, and invited to the new generation of Hollywood superstar Jennifer Laurence cousin? Cross knife commentary. And the film producer is also a big director Christopher, particularly praised by the film legend of science and technology, such as Toni – – – – – – – – – – – "the film legend of the world," said. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ". This "beautiful planet" to join IMAX Changchun Science Film screenings unit together in IMAX and Wanda cinema, attracted the audience to watch the local commercial blockbuster, bring a new perspective beyond the spiritual shock. In addition to "beautiful star" the new production of science film, made of gold? Carey commentary "marine world" and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman? "As explained the lemur Island: Madagascar" in the show list. It is reported that during the 9 week screenings, Wanda IMAX theater Changchun, Jilin, Yanji and Siping for a total of three IMAX educational films discharge 204 times, in order to meet the strong demand for viewing the local audience. IMAX camera to take you from the outer space to see the earth to experience the life of space capsule since the 60s of last century, IMAX has maintained a valuable tradition of science and technology film creation. Many of North America’s leading directors for the space, deep sea and other natural exploration of the impression from the IMAX science and technology video recording. In China, most educational films shown in the Museum of science and technology, so the film festival has become a valuable opportunity to the audience to enjoy the classic IMAX science film in commercial cinema. The unique charm of the Film Festival Audience’s enthusiastic feedback also shows excellent educational films from commercial blockbusters and viewing potential should not be underestimated. As the "persistent dream", "International Space Station" and "Harbert" after the telescope will once again IMAX into space camera works, "the beautiful planet" turns to the survival of our planet, NASA astronauts after special training after IMAX photographer, with IMAX ultra high definition camera from the space station the earth, to capture many beautiful breathtaking details. From the rising of the sun shining golden light of the blue earth, to the night or bright or dark lights gorgeous, but also faithfully recorded the astronauts in the space station the most real life fragments. Many fans to see the "beautiful planet" even in the rain to the theater, and in the social platform hot discussion about this from the "space" of the record. The story behind the scenes touching movie festival screenings countdown in addition to "beautiful planet", the other two films also have highlights. "Underwater world" is the first successful use of the IMAX 3D camera underwater filming of science and technology, but also in the past few years, one of the most popular IMAX science film. Underwater photographer lasted 110 days, dive into the deep sea for 350 hours shooting, very prominent 3D effect to the audience as if set相关的主题文章: