National examination registration number or the most innovative high jaigaon in record-pretty rhythm

National examination registration number or the most innovative high jaigaon record in Beijing October 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ni) 24, 18, 2017 annual national civil service exam registration deadline (course). According to statistics, as at 17:30 on the 24, there are more than 1 million 330 thousand people through the audit, the hottest job competition has been as high as 9837:1, refresh the record. Some institutions predict that the country’s final exam enrollment or a record high. Enrollment can refresh the record? – deadline over the trial number exceeded 1 million 330 thousand according to the recruitment announcement, the country examination from the beginning of this month 15, 8, 24 days after the end of 18. According to the China public education statistics, as at 17:30 on the 24 (half an hour before the end of the registration), the country has 1338698 people have passed the examination of the application, compared with the data at the end of last year, more than 5.4 people. It should be noted that the existing data is not the final number of applicants, because the audit will continue for two days. Public education experts predict that this year the number of candidates for the final trial or catch up in 2014, refresh the highest historical value. Observation over the past 8 years, the number of people enrolled in the trial at the end of the trial, only 2010, in 2014, more than 1 million 300 thousand people, and the number of candidates for the final examination of the last year were 1 million 443 thousand, respectively, and the peak of 1 million 520 thousand in the number of people in the past 2013 years, the number of candidates for the final examination in the past three years. Which departments apply for the largest number? – for the first 10 sectors most are from the state over the years, the tax system has been to recruit large, according to statistics, this year, the national tax system Zhaolu 9455, plan Zhaolu 17476 people, the total number of recruiting 64.58%. This year the largest number of departments from the system. As at 17:30 on the 24 statistics show that the national examination of the largest number of ten departments from the national tax system. The Shandong tax bureau to 42027 people through the audit ranked first, Guangdong State Taxation Bureau, Guizhou IRS were 40384, 38579 in second, third, the ten departments for a total of 353727 people, accounting for 26.4% of the total number of applicants. From 2011 to register the situation, Shandong IRS has been the 7 consecutive year the number of national civil service examination of the largest number of departments. Which position is the most competitive? The NLD – central office position over the country, "one" "the birth of the hottest jobs" has caused public concern. The hottest position 2017 annual national examination for the NLD central office reception director and following a post, the post competition ratio reached 9837:1 (up to 24 days at 17:30 data). This "in" post, the competitive heat has more than 2013 national test 9411:1 the hottest position, a record high. In addition, the examination of the most competitive sector is also obtained by the NLD central. The Department is recruiting 6 people, the number of qualified has reached 12245, the average competition ratio of 2040:1, this is because the heat from the position of the NLD central high, the average tension of this department;相关的主题文章: