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The national hundred county, District, town 100 thousand released these places list of Hunan source: days ago, small and medium-sized city economic development committee, Institute of strategic studies, small and medium-sized city development and city development index Chinese scientific research group and other units through the "people’s Daily" and "11.7 2016 China small and medium-sized city development report" green book? The twelfth Chinese jointly issued a small city scientific research and development index "2016 national comprehensive strength hundred counties", "2016 national comprehensive strength hundred area," 2016 thousand strong comprehensive strength strong town "list. Hunan where the list? Do you have your hometown? Key: the evaluation object is defined as: county-level city and county and independent city area, as well as a good foundation for development, with the "city" conditions ". The county-level city, county, Autonomous County, the research group to the development trend of the better part of the county as the scope of the issuance of basic survey, questionnaires to counties as samples; considering the relatively independent development of the city area, the full sample evaluation of the evaluation system of the 662 municipal district; development of foundation well, have "built city" conditions of the town, we published by the National Bureau of statistics 1000 Town, national key town, the town for the good development trend of evaluation sample. Data source: 2016 provincial statistical yearbook 2015 urban counties; statistics; statistical bulletin 2015 urban counties; other counties and urban statistical departments provide data.相关的主题文章: