New Age Gifts Offer Recipients A Spiritual

News-and-Society For many people, the terms "New Age" and "Metaphysical" are perplexing. Indeed, their meanings vary from person to person. Generally speaking, New Age has a connotation of eclectic spirituality, embracing aspects of many ancient traditions and religions as well as modern rituals and beliefs about, for example, the importance of environmental stewardship. People who follow a New Age path may be drawn to its musical, psychological, healing, or scientific aspects, or may simply seek an individual approach to spirituality. If there’s someone in your life who embraces the metaphysical, they will be delighted to receive one of any number of New Age gifts. Here, then is a synopsis of some of the possibilities for New Age gifts. New Age CDs and Books: There are any number of New Age artists who bring beautiful instrumentals and compelling vocals to their songs. Yanni and Enya are two of the more popular New Age musical artists. Books that are considered to be "New Age" can range from astrology and divination to self-help through spirituality. Rocks and Crystals – Many New Age practitioners believe in the power of rocks and crystals. Each type of rock or crystal has unique properties that are related to spiritual or psychological conditions. Fluorite, for example, may help one to tell the difference between infatuation and love, while amethyst helps one to enter a state of calm peacefulness. A particularly unique gift would be wire wrap jewelry, where the artisan begins with a rock or crystal and creates pendants or earrings from it using sterling silver or gold-filled wire. Fetishes – Fetishes are typically small carvings that depict animals, such as buffalo, wolves, bears, and horses. Like rocks and crystals, each animal has a set of qualities that are believed to assist the owner of the fetish. For example, a horse is thought to have healing powers, while a wolf is a sign of guidance and protection. Fetishes may be carved out of stones, and may be embellished with beads or shells. Bodywork – Although it is certainly not confined to those who hold New Age beliefs, massage and bodywork often plays an important role in the lives of those who practice metaphysical or New Age philosophies. A gift certificate for a therapeutic massage or a gift certificate from a metaphysical practitioner would be most welcome. Even if you’ve never explored New Age philosophies or metaphysical beliefs, you may be surprised at the number of people you know who do. New Age gifts are special not only because they are often unique, but also because giving them is an acknowledgment that the recipient is understood and that his or her beliefs are respected. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: