New positions Taiping Island, a large mysterious building cited concern – China

New positions? Taiping Island appeared large mysterious building new network new network in September cited concern – in 19, according to the Taiwan news network reported that the well-known satellite map program Google Earth, recently updated Taiping Island satellite image, the reader can freely access the new Taiping Island pier, lighthouse and runway strengthening measures after the island’s. The latest satellite photo shows, northwest coast of the island, a new one by four huge three claw type moon boat type structure surrounded by a similar combination of the coastal front, Taiwan many senior security officials did not say what is the purpose of this mysterious structure. According to Google Earth released satellite photos picture, is located in the southeast side of the Pacific island Taiping island new terminal, large ship seats no ship, dock in the Deep Bay Coastal berm new berth is platform ship, M8 speedboats and multi-functional patrol boats Ji close together, the other one multifunctional boat on the shore patrol Ji when the trailer, large ship empty seats. In the northwest coastal beach of Taiping Island, the new structure of a new calendar year satellite photo pictures are not seen, four giant three claw structure, prominent formed a semicircle in the sea shore, guarding a semi-circular position. Both sides have small fortifications. The sea four three claw body structure, similar wave shape, but with the same proportion of Toury Island wave compared to, but disproportionately from above, like some kind of deployable artillery platform, a single structure than the other 40 artillery Fortifications on the island of great five or six times. After the completion of the Taiping Island ferry giant structure appeared, the Taiwan coast guard department because of less to overlook the angle of the island facilities, 19 am did not respond. Local officials say should be the trail, but use this structure still needs confirmation.相关的主题文章: