New York’s innovative high rises redefine the type of apartment tinyos

The New York innovative buildings redefined apartment type BIG design team which is located in New York W 57th St residential collection called "high-rise courtyard (Courtscraper), the highly innovative architectural form has redefined the types of high-rise residential. Courtscraper fully completed recently, the tilt of the pyramid building 142 meters high, consisting of more than and 700 residential units. In addition to the pool, public space and some commercial functions, as well as the center of a founder of the green courtyard. The corner of a building like hang sail, making nearly the entire roof of the building tilt for Hudson River Park (Hudson River Park), the fifth facade of the building roof will be fully demonstrated in people’s field of vision, produced very shocking and iconic city mood. This is a famous architectural photographer Iwan Baan for its completion and offered a set of videos. Source: Inspiration daily micro signal: ideamsg editor: Ding Wei相关的主题文章: