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"Next life also do my dad hit" Like Wang recalls shooting experience – Sohu Like Wang entertainment "next life also do my dad" stills Like Wang stills Sohu entertainment news recently, Like Wang drama "next life also do my dad" in Hubei satellite TV and Jiangxi TV prime time hit, as the story began in earnest, story Jianrugaochao, character actor shape gradually clear, deepen the viewers of the TV drama of the degree. Among them, the actress who played the heroine Like Wang to the role of the success is one of the highlights of the play, who played horns as the two generation of women, unusual appearance and no doubt acting strength, once again let the audience applauded, harvest a large range of attention and acclaim. "Next life also do my dad" Like Wang getting better role of barbaric growth "next life also do my dad" by the Xi’an Qujiang Film Investment Group Limited, Chinese media group, Shenzhen Oriental sere INVESTMENT COMPANY CO produced, is a main line of the warmth of the city emotional drama, to the family as the theme, created a stereo moving, righteous characters. The story twists and turns, but in the human common sense, the audience watch the heart. Like Wang plays the heroine is undoubtedly the core of the story, the trajectory of her growth formed the core of the story, and the role of the grasp of the Like Wang, so that the characters more vivid three-dimensional. Like Wang’s two generation women, are very personality, is a special period of Ganaiganhen female educated youth, a forceful barbaric "tomboy", once in the fate of the female youth joke the tragic end of life, it has now been adopted daughter in the father of selfless love "savage the growth of" face the fate of fearless challenge. Like Wang will be the two roles in just the right place, although the play is the same person, but the difference between the personality played most incisive, to the foot of the audience. Like Wang’s latest photo Like Wang warm memories shoot the bitter experience to create warmth can cast this classic tear drama drama, hard work behind it is self-evident. "My next life also do my dad," this drama, is to make all producers "pain and happiness," a play. After the shooting, the production cycle time span is long, the drama of high quality at the same time, means that the huge pay behind the actors and staff, Like Wang is very grateful to that time and crew and pay, in order to cast into the final so. Like Wang talked about this period of working life, are full of heavy memory, "I am very memorable when shooting in Inner Mongolia, despite the difficult conditions, the weather is very bad, but the entire cast of the atmosphere is very harmonious, everyone is working hard every day, the actors cold runny nose, but still very attentively experience in the countryside to feel the educated youth…" Only the heart of the experience, for the actors are not afraid of the occupation of the tired attitude, in order to create the most impressive role, Like Wang will be able to through their own efforts, the harvest of the audience more like相关的主题文章: