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Ningbo smart inbox timeout of 10 minutes of additional 1 yuan consumers questioned the charges recently, Ningbo each district in the intelligent inbox quietly up. Courier will be wrapped into the inbox, the recipient received a text message, with a password or two-dimensional code can be taken, it is quite convenient. But recently, who lives in Jiangdong Zhang because there is a temporary emergency, not 24 hours will be stored in the smart inbox express removed, are required to charge one yuan. He was a bit puzzled: it should be door-to-door service, and now without the consent of the courier courier directly to express delivery to the cabinet, but also requires payment of overtime fees, whether reasonable and legitimate? On Sunday, Zhang received such a message: "[] please courier easy with × × × × code to run; address taking express, free for 24 hours. For details, see × × Web page". Logistics information display. His express mail has been sent by XX address easy to mention from the cabinet collection. Zhang temporary thing that day did not get home in time, when he came home second days, only to think of a package did not take. He hurriedly rushed to the area downstairs beside the inbox, pick up the input code, electronic screen display express for more than 24 hours, you need to pay 1 yuan. He looked at his watch, but it took more than 10 minutes. But in order to successfully get the pieces, he can only pay. Reporters call the courier easy customer service hotline, the staff said, in order to improve the turnover rate of the box, courier easy to provide 24 hours of free storage time (Chengdu, Chongqing two to 48 hours), if over time, really need to pay 1 yuan fee of public resources. "Specific circumstances or to receive the text message prevail." Reporters learned that, at present, not all smart inbox need to charge overtime. Reporter contacted Feng nest customer service. Staff said that if the express did not receive in a timely manner, in more than 72 hours later, the courier will be re delivered to the inbox, and will be sent to the new piece of code to pick up the phone. Or courier will be removed, directly to the hands of consumers. – Consumer Protection Committee can refuse to pay in the end this fee reasonable? Reporter consulted the Ningbo municipal consumer protection committee, deputy secretary general Zhou Lijuan. Zhou Lijuan said, since the mention of the courier service is indeed a lot of time to save the courier costs, reduce the difficulty of delivery, but also facilitate the courier may also increase the recipient’s inconvenience." The State Post Bureau in 2015 by the "smart express box delivery service management regulations (Provisional)", provides the basis for the specification of express self-service market, the provisions of article seventh: "business express business enterprises in the use of smart express box express delivery, express consent shall be obtained from the recipient. Thus, the courier without the express consent of the recipient is not able to express delivery to express mail box (from mentioning cabinet). Zhou Lijuan said that if the courier forcibly requested the recipient to take the cabinet from the recipient, the recipient can be related to the shopping platform for logistics complaints, such as Taobao site has a special logistics complaints channels can also be.相关的主题文章: