Ninghai Merlin found that the ancient tombs of the Southern Song Dynasty were real tombs in the late-innawoods

Network transmission Ninghai Meilin found in Southern Song Dynasty tomb is not common in late Qing Dynasty Tombs discovered the tomb of the reporter to verify Ninghai really but very ordinary September 18th night at 7:55, netizen "follow Buddhism" in the "Ninghai online" forum "Mei Lin Chi Shan Cun, found a tomb, the suspect is the Southern Song Dynasty period". In a construction site near Chek hill village near Meilin street, Ninghai County, the post found the ancient burial, excavated two coffin, well preserved inside. Some netizens say the tomb has been 700 years ago, and some netizens say they are the ancient tombs of the Song Dynasty. In the post, it was also mentioned that the news of finding ancient tombs was reported to the relevant departments timely, and on-site protection. Relevant experts from Ningbo have arrived at the scene investigation. "This is the ancient tomb of the age, and the research of the archaeologists." Reporters yesterday to contact the director of the Ningbo Institute of archaeology Archaeology Research Center Li Yongning, he told reporters that he is found in tombs, also participated in the rescue excavations of tombs. "It’s just a common burial, and at the moment, it’s not very valuable." Li Yongning said that during the excavation of the tombs, there were not any valuable cultural relics. Moreover, the form of the tomb is more common, "there are a lot of this tomb at the end of the Qing Dynasty." The reporter has learned that the burial has been completed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national "cultural relic law" after the completion of the rescue excavation. Expert feedback in the Southern Song Dynasty is only the villagers guess so, the online hot transmission of the "Southern Song Dynasty tomb" this statement, how did it come? Li Yongning told reporters that on the day’s excavation site, including Ninghai County Heritage Management Office, Meilin street and other units, many workers came to the scene, and there were many villagers watching. "Among them, there are villagers to look up the family tree, saying that his family’s ancestors moved to this place during the Southern Song Dynasty, and it was probably buried in this position." The onlookers sent the information to the Internet, and the news spread. However, the study of cultural relics and archaeology is very rigorous, and it is necessary to speak with "evidence". Li Yongning said that "the ancient tombs of the Southern Song Dynasty" can only be regarded as a villager’s guess at present. "First of all, archaeological research can not determine the owner and age of the burial by only a family tree. Secondly, there is no epitaph in the tombs, and there is no information of any cultural relics to prove that this is the ancient tomb in the Southern Song Dynasty. At present, the age of the ancient tomb has not been determined, but Li Yongning said, judging from the form of the tomb, the burial is more inclined to the end of the Qing Dynasty. "The tomb found in the little things, we have to like such things to Bob (Ningbo Institute of Archaeology) technology protection center for protection, for the follow-up study." Li Yongning said that the excavation will be reported to the higher authorities’ archaeological department. "If there are significant discoveries in the later stage, we will also release it to the media and the public."

网传宁海梅林发现南宋古墓不实 实为清末普通墓葬   记者核实   宁海确实发现古墓但很普通   9月18日晚7点55分,网友“遁入空门”在《宁海在线》论坛发帖“梅林赤山村发现一处古墓,疑是南宋时期”。   帖子中称,在宁海县梅林街道赤山村附近一工地施工中,发现古代墓葬,挖出二具棺材,内部保存完好。有网友称,该墓距今已700年了;也有网友说是宋代的古墓。   帖子中还提到,发现古代墓葬的消息被及时报告至有关部门,进行现场保护,已有宁波市的相关专家到达现场勘察。“这到底是何年代的古墓,还有待于考古工作人员的研究。”   记者昨日联系上宁波市文物考古研究所考古研究中心主任李永宁,他向记者透露,发现墓葬确有其事,自己也参与了这个墓葬的抢救性发掘工作。“只是一处比较普通的墓葬,目前来看,发掘的价值并不大。”   李永宁说,这次墓葬发掘过程中,并没有发现什么特别有价值的文物,“长期受雨水冲刷,墓里留下的东西并不多。”再者,墓的形制比较常见,“这样的墓清末就有很多。”   记者了解到,这处墓葬在完成抢救性发掘之后,已按照国家《文物法》的相关规定进行就地回填。   专家反馈   南宋时期只是村民猜测   那么,网上热传的“南宋时期古墓”这一说法,是怎么来的呢?   李永宁向记者透露,在当天的发掘现场,包括宁海县文物管理办公室、梅林街道等单位在内,来了不少工作人员,也有很多的村民围观。“其中就有村民去查了家谱,说是他家祖先南宋时期迁到此地,大概就葬在这个方位。”有围观者就把这些信息发到了网上,消息就这样流传了开来。   但是,文物考古研究是十分严谨的,是需要用“证据”说话的。   李永宁说,“南宋时期古墓”这一说法目前只能算是村民的猜测而已。“首先,考古研究不可能只凭借一本家谱就断定墓葬的主人和年代。其次,墓葬中没有墓志铭,也暂时没有什么文物的信息能证明这就是南宋古墓。”   目前古墓的年代暂无从确定,但李永宁表示,从墓的形制上初步来判断,这处墓葬比较偏向于清末时期。“墓中发现的东西不多,我们已经把像发簪这样的东西送到(宁波市文物考古研究所)科技保护中心进行保护,准备后续的研究。”   李永宁说,这次发掘工作会向上级文物考古部门进行汇报,“如果后期研究有重大的发现,我们肯定也会向媒体和公众进行发布。”相关的主题文章: