Niu Hui U.S. GDP growth slowed down to reduce the Fed interest

Cattle exchange: GDP slowdown in the United States, the United States to reduce the growth rate of GDP fed data released last week as scheduled increases slowed down, to further reduce the fed to raise interest rates during the year the number of expected, but the dollar index did not fall in Japan’s central bank unexpectedly negative interest rates weighed on the yen plummeted, boost the dollar index continued to rise, the gold price is slightly the shock, but the overall is still rising. International spot gold prices closed at $1118.22 an ounce, up 3.19 U.S. dollars, or 0.29%, the weekly rise of 1.88%, for second consecutive weeks Yang Yang for more than three months to debut. In the fourth quarter of 2015, GDP slowed down, mainly due to household consumption suppression, while enterprises reduced capital investment and made further adjustments to inventory. However, the monthly rate of personal consumption expenditure (PCE), which has contributed more than 2/3 to the US GDP, has increased by 2.2%, far better than expected by 1.8%. The four quarter of the core PCE price index annualized monthly rate of initial value of 1.2%, expected 1.2%, the previous value of 1.4%. BFS cattle exchange analysts said that the United States in the fourth quarter GDP fell to 0.7%, mainly because enterprises reduce the excessive inventory, the strong dollar and weak global demand for U. S. exports under pressure, and low oil prices of energy companies to cut spending, but unusually warm weather led to public utilities and clothing reduce consumer spending, which dragged down economic growth in the United States, the Fed decided to raise interest rates during the year or influence. BFS said, "" we’re still not sure whether the slowdown will turn into a more serious economic downturn; in the current expansion cycle, the GDP growth rate has had many short falls.". However, each GDP growth rate will accelerate again in the following season, and there’s no reason to think it will be different this time. " Friday GDP slowdown did not weaken the dollar decline is mainly due to Japan’s central bank to implement negative interest rates to boost the dollar and the yen rose, so that the outside of the United States and other major countries in the world, the central bank’s monetary policy differentiation trend is expected to become more enhanced, which boost the dollar index day zhongpan rose over 1%, 99.586, the highest since December 3rd, the United States this week index closed up 0.02%, the dollar index rose 0.96% in January. Niu Hui 2016-2-1 into Sina Financial shares bar discussion

牛汇:美国GDP增速放缓,降低美联储加息次数   上周公布的美国GDP增速数据如期趋缓,进一步降低美联储年内加息次数的预期,不过美元指数并未因此下跌,在日本央行意外负利率的情况下打压日元暴跌,提振美元指数持续上涨,金价走势则略显震荡,但整体依旧上涨。国际现货黄金价格收报1118.22美元 盎司,上涨3.19美元,涨幅0.29%,周线上涨1.88%,连续第二周收阳为逾三个月来首现。   美国2015年四季度国内生产总值(GDP)趋缓,主要缘于家庭消费抑制,同时企业削减资本投资并对库存做出进一步调整。   不过,对美国GDP贡献度超过三分之二的个人消费支出(PCE)月率增长了2.2%,远好于预期的1.8%。美国四季度核心PCE物价指数年化季月率初值1.2%,预期1.2%,前值1.4%。   BFS牛汇分析师指说,美国第四季度GDP下滑至0.7%,主要因为企业减少过多的库存,美元走强和全球需求疲软令美国出口承压,同时低油价令能源企业削减支出,而异常温暖天气导致公用事业和服装消费支出减少,这拖累美国经济增长,或影响联储年内加息决定。   BFS牛汇分析师表示,"我们仍不确定经济放缓是否将演变成更严重的经济滑坡,在当前扩张周期中,GDP增长率曾有过许多次短暂下降。不过,每次GDP增长率都会在随后一季再次加速,没有理由认为这一次将会有什么不同。"   周五GDP增速放缓并未打压美元走低主要因日本央行实施负利率提振美元 日元大涨,同时令外界对美国和世界其他主要国家央行货币政策走势分化的预期愈发增强,这提振美元指数当天大涨超1%,终盘报99.586,为12月3日以来最高,本周美指收涨0.02%,整个1月美元指数上涨0.96%。   牛汇   2016-2-1 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: