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Official website: National foot school spirit of the women’s volleyball is still time? [Planning] review Chinese kanghan farewell "konghan soccer history" Gao Jun looking to break the original title: China "women’s spirit" time? Author: Zhou Jiming Chinese women’s volleyball team before winning Rio, has been no mention of the women’s volleyball spirit. Did not take the world champion, the Olympic Games gold medal, the Chinese women’s volleyball team "does not have the spirit", takes the champion "the spirit"? There are similar Chinese women, a good performance, "sonorous rose"; a poor performance, "clang" do not know where to go to. The understanding of "women’s spirit" is of course Lang Ping, she won the women’s volleyball team to a lot of people to the "spirit" is very offensive, she interviewed the first time correct said on the sidelines, "the spirit alone can not take the title, Chinese women volleyball team is determined by a lot of details". National foot to learn the spirit of the women’s volleyball? The largest hot China sports Rio in September 1st after the 12 season triggered at any moment the first away game for South Korea war. Over the past few days, the country is in urgent need to learn the spirit of the women’s volleyball, the voice of the overwhelming, but the country should be how to learn, "women’s volleyball spirit" details of what, "women’s volleyball spirit" in the end come from, when? Since Yuan Weimin led the team to win the women’s volleyball team, China times, before that there is no? Separated for so many years to Chen Zhonghe and led the team to win, "the spirit of women" go? To Lang Ping after 12 years of two consecutive years, or with a "spirit"?…… I don’t know what to learn Only mouth, pure mouth goods". From the August 20th Olympic women’s Volleyball Championship China, by September 1st the country foot against South Korea, less than two weeks, "Lin on the car, the foot", "China Women’s volleyball team spirit" in time? "China women’s volleyball team spirit" should be the first to Chinese began in 1965 to teach Omatsu Hirofumi earlier, can be traced back to Mulancongjun, Mu Guiying command, "the twelve widow West syndrome"…… Chinese women’s hard-working, firm and indomitable is always the most beautiful Chinese cultural treasures. In fact, before coming to China, China women’s volleyball team in the Omatsu Hirofumi has been with the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries in the exchange of women’s volleyball team has made great progress, but Omatsu Hirofumi brought more suitable for Asians "devil training" and attack technique. On the training method and the technology, the Japanese women’s volleyball team has won the world championships and Olympic champion (the first World Cup in 1981), and keep a record of 175 straight wins "miracle". Yuan Weimin "Cultural Revolution" after the start of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, the basic inheritance of the devil training method of Omatsu Hirofumi". Japanese women’s volleyball and women’s volleyball team has China be roughly the same "practice to spit" training intensity, with the most advanced fast attack tactics (back, plugging, etc. are a men’s Volleyball Tactical track Yuan Weimin in women’s volleyball China first, but success) than the Japanese women’s volleyball team has better height and storm ability. Non Japanese women’s volleyball team later spirit of "not", but their height is more and more not "- if a cutting force cannot be neglected but man three big ball, one of the important strength that height, high touch is the women’s volleyball team. China team first of these two points, lay a solid foundation among the forefront of the world women’s volleyball, then Lang Ping lost, also let the opponents fear "details, and the final against Serbia last ball change hair.相关的主题文章: