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Often angry parents, will harvest a what kind of child? Sohu maternal and child parents of children’s education, first of all! The children rushed to temper, will spoil the child’s soul, let him stupid Fu Bo, but also easy to let him get a headache and other diseases. Parents should not be angry with the child, angry. Don’t you have to use a child with a temper, temper the child, your fire ran to the child’s head, spoil the child’s soul, with a " on the child’s head; inhibition of " a gas, a tempering, add a " inhibition of ". Days and months multiplying, "inhibition" and more and more virtual inhibition becomes a real headache in children, child temperament is firmly imprisons the wisdom without damage, never more, want him to study well, he will learn more and more good, more and more parents expect to draw further apart. This is the result of a child with a temper. A gentleman to correct themselves, reflect and try to find the cause, change your personality, you will become a child. "Children don’t tube, by German sexy" this is a profound truth, to change our angry temperament. Take the "reckless" approach to education for children, is the child’s command, of the guide, to often find the child’s strengths would be the child of flash, encourage children. In praise at the same time, persuade children to correct bad habits. Help children open spiritual treasure. Blame the spleen injury; hate sad angry; lung injury; anger liver injury; renal injury. We should be vigilant, do not underestimate the daily worries small temper. 1 if the child likes to blame others, because we usually criticize him too much. 2 if the child likes to complain about everything, because we always find fault with him. 3 if the child likes confrontation, because we are hostile to him and forced. 4 if the child is not good enough, because we are a lack of sympathy. 5 if a child is timid and shy, it is because he is often mocked and abused. 6 if the child does not tell us the truth, because we talk to catch the child, dig up. 7 if the child does not distinguish between right and wrong, it is because we are autocratic, did not give children the opportunity to think independently and. 8 if the child is very self abased, because we are always disappointed with the child, can not be patient to encourage. 9 if the child is jealous, sensitive, afraid of injury, because our family is not tolerant and warm. 10 if the child does not like himself, because we lack of acceptance, recognition and respect for him. 11 if the child does not progress, not hard, because we ask him too much, he can not do. 12 If the child is selfish, because we are too spoiled him, what to give. 13 if the child did not understand the pains of their parents, because we do not teach him to understand others. 14 If the child back, escape, because of our contempt and blow. 15 if the child is lazy and dependent, because we do things for the children and decisions too much. May day.相关的主题文章: