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Often drive to avoid violation of these 5 traffic monitoring must know! – Sohu October is approaching, many friends must want to go home to see. But this time the ticket is hard to get a vote, for those who did not buy tickets for friends, many will choose to drive yourself home, but in the way will inevitably through urban and rural roads, road and highway, the road will certainly have a variety of traffic cameras, commonly known as "electronic eyes", so many people are very disgusted, but one camera, will be fined points, but if we know what kind of camera is what, so we could avoid some of the illegal phenomenon. The type and use of traffic through the introduction of the camera to teach you how to identify the various traffic camera to see the camera on the road, the heart can clearly know the specific purpose of each camera. According to the understanding, the camera can be divided into 5 categories, respectively, the electronic police checkpoints, traffic detection, illegally parked capture, Skynet monitoring. 1, this camera parking on the road in general one side or one side of the main road, secondary road mutual access road, often have a white, with a similar cuboid camera above, full rotation monitoring, such a large zoom camera, is said to Korah nearly 1000 meters outside the car. For manual control monitoring, see it, be sure to fasten the seat belt, do not stop the car. 2, speed camera, needless to say, is used to measure the speed of. This type of camera is generally equipped with a flash device, installed in a very close to the camera position, the square is a square. Also known as the "bayonet" radar gun will be "black plate" next to the camera. The camera in the city expressway, highway and road can often see. There is a police, this type of electronic eye is mainly directly or by the police Milo handheld or mounted on the bracket on the roof, the car is speeding through the radar wave judgment. 3, this kind of corner illegal surveillance cameras commonly known as electronic police, usually installed in the crossroads, capture red light, pressing, retrograde, take non motorized vehicles, according to the guide, illegal lane change behavior, it is to monitor by capture the rear of the car, and he captured violations without any prompting. And this kind of collocation is the camera lights. Light is usually not bright during the day, the night will be high frequency blinking. 4, security monitoring if you found this similar black sphere shape, the camera upside down in the street, like bulb like. Such a large number of cameras, most of the more subtle, many places have installed. But this camera does not monitor the vehicle violation. 5, this kind of traffic monitoring in urban and rural electronic eye entrances or on the road, as long as the car will see pictures, actually part of the electronic eye belongs to the "Skynet project", it can be used to see which car after the entrance, if the occurrence of cases of public security, police can check to the relevant information to adjust its shape. With the general pictures of speeding the same electronic eye. About the master of the car: the car is a problem, find a car master, the current car system相关的主题文章: