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On the big screen "cats and dogs"   "nine people" "magic teacher" released the same day – Culture – people.com.cn original title: big screen "cats and dogs" or "the year today will become the most adorable movie day. The same day, two were imported film "cat and dog actor actors to participate in the nine lives" and "magic teacher" will be released the same day, put on a big screen "cats and dogs". "Nine people": the president changed in the film cat "nine lives", "house of cards" in the cold President Kevin? Spacey in magic turned into a lovely cat "Maoku mr.". Unless he can win the love of his wife and daughter, he will never change back to human. The film "Mr. Maoku" used the field force of the house upside down, and then began selling spoiled adorable forgiveness. Kevin? Spacey sound this adorable character show base this vivid, and he himself in the shooting gap also become everybody happy. "Because he is very interesting, but also always joked," the daughter of actor Marina and Kevin? Weisiman said very love together. Kevin? Spacey on the show has been on excellence, always repeating shooting and continuously adjusting, wish to play more in line with the "Maoku" modality. In this regard, the wife of the actor Jennifer, Garner said that the film is a major reason for the film is the Kevin". "Magic teacher": dog talks "magic teacher" by the famous British comedy director Terry? "Directed by Jones, a British comedy weirdo" Simon Peggy? "Bobbi and violence" starring Beckinsale Kate?. The film Simon Peggy? As a pet dog and ordinary high school teacher Neal. One day, Neal accidentally selected by aliens with the ability, he was surprised to find that, as long as their wave will solve the problem, be equal to anything, which makes Neal as found in the new world seize the opportunity to use a variety of super powers, has since opened up a common people’s fantasy comedy tour. By Neal super ability of pet dogs can actually speak it to dialogue with Neal saying, let people laugh unceasingly, can be said to be the biggest highlight of the entire film. It is worth mentioning that the "magic teacher" is the late comedian Robin? Williams’s legacy, his interpretation of the talking dog with sound. Beijing morning news (reporter Yang Lianjie Chen Yuan, commissioning editor: Ou Xingrong)相关的主题文章: