On the government officials do not see the official should be the implementation of judicial supervi-mycoolboy

The Gaoguan seen official should implement judicial supervision according to reports, recently, Jiangsu has the demands of the masses of Baoying County Guang Yang town government information disclosure, and the court, but the town government without justifiable reasons not to take part in the proceedings, the court finally with the hearing. Gaoyou City Court issued a judicial proposal to the town of Baoying county government, proposed the responsible personnel seriously dealt with, and the results will be communicated to the court requirements. "People suing officials" case, "people" must have "official". In accordance with the provisions of the "administrative litigation law" article third: the person in charge of the administrative organs shall appear in court; can not appear in court, the administrative organ shall entrust the appropriate staff to appear. "The State Council on strengthening the construction of legal government opinions" more requirements, "in case of major administrative proceedings, administrative organs responsible person should take the initiative to appear in court". The mayor of the town called "the court time to forget", but this is the essence of "mingaoguan" hard case. Officials appear in court, is to make legal obligations, and can not think of not out. For the case of the people suing government officials do not appear in court supervision, before the implementation of the executive branch is more, rare judicial intervention. Judicial departments involved in the proposed judicial proposal, although it is only recommended, but the weight is heavy, you can directly inform the details of the case, and with legal effect, is a content of judicial supervision. In order to realize the "suing officials", we need not only discipline, but also legal protection. The level of government to court the judicial proposal is rare, mostly internal communication, the move really, also to promote the normalization of administrative litigation has taken an important step.相关的主题文章: