On the train is landlords fraud gangs, more than 87 months of committing a crime-3u8547

The train is "Dou landlord Gang" fraud of more than a month of 87 cases of crime argot is King Day, Wang argot is, to make a fist meaning "fried", palm is not fried…… These are the fraud Gang cheating words, gesture. More than 1 months, the 10 people crazy crime 87, footprints all over the 22 passenger trains, defrauding money totaling 68 thousand yuan. Yesterday, the case in Xiangyang railway transportation court trial, 6 people have been in court for sentencing, sentenced to detention for 5 months to imprisonment ranging from 11 months in prison and fined. The train was invited to a "bomb" is also losing Henan in April 19th, Mr. He bought a K205 berth on train to Hanzhoung. After getting on the bus, he sat beside the bed and played with his cell phone. After the train passed by Xiangyang Railway Station, two men came to the carriage. "Who are you?" Where to? I can arrive at the station tomorrow." The 3 men chatted for a while, and the two men proposed to spend time playing cards together. He had nothing to do, and he agreed to play with the two landlords". "Playing cards is not interesting, we will play a little money, 5, 10, 20, on the map of music."." One of the men was playing cards, telling the rules of the game. When he saw 10 pieces of money, he nodded. Get a license, Mr. ho is a little excited, luck is good, there are 3 "bomb". At this point, the men speak again, and then set a rule, fried a double, a fried 20, two fried 40, five fried 320……" I heart secretly pleased, he hastily agreed. But then the situation on the spot let Mr. Meng, the two men took turns out "bomb", and is bigger than his, a hand of seven or eight "bomb" left, Mr. He lost 640 yuan. Second, he also suffered heavy losses. Even lost two cards, 1000 yuan money so no. "I always lose. They’ve always been good. They have more landlords, and they always look at each other when they play cards."." When the train come to the Shiyan Railway Station, the two men pretended to go to the bathroom, to left, he found himself fooled, hurried to the police. Words, gestures into homogeneous reporting card, card fraud case caused by the attention of the Xiangyang Railway Police Department, start major detection mechanism immediately dispatched nearly 70 police officers set up a task force investigation focusing on the train, key personnel. In May 19th, more than 50 police officers were dispatched to Hubei railway police department organization in Xiangyang Shiyan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Dazhou, Hunan and Yueyang to expand the net action to implement the arrest of 14 suspects. In May 20th, as Wang was arrested by the public security organs in Hunan, Changsha, 15 gang members were arrested. It is reported that the gang by two to three people on the bus in the packet train, sleeper passenger invitation cards, the following before shuffling a "bomb" on the deck, shuffle, lift card only moving part, and a plurality of cards issued by the way, will be sent to the big self or associate. In the process of playing cards with each other, the use of body language, dialect, words, gestures and other methods for communication, adopt various means of cheating, so that visitors lose money, to cheat money. In this case, all those who participate in the game of playing cards.

火车上现“斗地主”诈骗团伙 一个多月作案87起大王暗语是天,小王暗语是地,手握成拳意为“炸”,手掌展开意为不要炸……这些都是诈骗团伙出老千的暗语、手势。1个多月内,这10人疯狂作案87起,足迹遍布22趟旅客列车,骗取钱财共计6.8万元。昨日,该案在襄阳铁路运输法院开审,已有6人被当庭宣判,处以拘役5个月至有期徒刑11个月不等的刑期,并处以罚金。火车上受邀一手“炸弹”还输钱4月19日,河南的何先生购买了一张K205次列车的卧铺票,前往汉中。上车后,他坐在床边玩手机。火车经过襄阳站后,两名男子来到该车厢,“你是哪人?到哪?我明天才能到站。”3人闲聊了一会,两男子提议一起玩牌打发时间。本来也没事可干,何先生便答应和两人玩起了“斗地主”。“光玩牌没意思,咱就耍点小钱,5块、10块、20块,就图一乐。”其中一名男子一边发牌,一边说出游戏规则。见10块钱一把,何先生点头答应。拿到牌后,何先生有点小激动,手气太好,竟然有3个“炸弹”。此时男子又发话了,“再定个规矩,炸一炸翻一番,一炸20,两炸40,五炸320……”按捺不住心中的窃喜,何先生忙不迭地同意了。但随后的情况让何先生当场懵了,两位男子轮番出“炸弹”,且都比他的大,一把牌,七八副“炸弹”丢下来,何先生输了640元。第二把,何先生同样损失惨重。连输了两把牌,1000多元钱就这么没了。“我老是输,他们牌一直很好,他们当地主的次数也多一些,而且打牌的时候他们一直看着对方。”当火车快到十堰站时,两男子佯称要上厕所,趁机走掉了,何先生才发现自己上当了,急忙报警。暗语、手势齐上阵报牌、换牌实施欺诈此案引起了襄阳铁路公安处的高度重视,立即启动大案侦破机制,抽调近70名干警成立专案组,围绕重点列车、重点人员展开调查。5月19日,襄阳铁路公安处组织50余名警力分赴湖北十堰、陕西安康、四川达州、湖南岳阳等地展开收网行动,对14名嫌疑人实施抓捕。5月20日,随着王某在湖南长沙被公安机关抓获,15名团伙成员全部落网。据悉,该团伙按两至三人分组乘坐火车,上车后在卧铺车厢邀约旅客打牌,洗牌前将多个“炸弹”放于整副牌的最下面,洗牌、抬牌只动上半部分,并通过一次发放多张牌的方式,将大牌发到自己或是同伙手中。打牌过程中还相互配合,使用肢体语言、方言、暗语、手势等方法进行交流沟通,采取各种作弊手段,使旅客输钱,从而骗取钱财。这种情形下,凡是参与设局打牌的旅客,没有不输钱的。侦办中,民警还从嫌疑人宁某的租住处,搜出一本写有暗语的笔记本。宁某交代称,斗地主设局时,通常会用方言传递暗语,其中列车员的暗语是鸡子,警察是老七,大王是天,小王是地,出单牌为去,出一对牌为打……此外,还会用手势沟通作弊,手握成拳意为出“炸弹”,手掌展开意为不要炸。如果旅客现金输完了,他们还会用微信转账等方式继续。一个多月作案87起足迹遍布22趟列车昨日上午9时,该案在襄阳铁路运输法院开庭审理。经审理查明,宁某、王某等人均是监利县人,年龄最大的54岁、最小的26岁,其中多人有血缘或姻亲关系,分散租住于十堰、襄阳、武汉等地。这群人大多选择坐长途火车,由其中两人作为搭档,购买途经十堰至襄阳、襄阳至武昌等区间的列车短途硬座或卧铺车票。乘车前,他们会互通电话告知车次以免“撞车”。上车后,两人佯装不认识,在卧铺车厢内以打牌混时间为借口,寻找成年男性旅客作为犯罪对象参与打牌“斗地主”。仅今年4月至5月,这伙人就疯狂作案87起,足迹遍布22趟旅客列车,被骗旅客达87人,骗取钱财共计6.8万元。昨日的庭审中,宁某等6人及辩护律师均无异议,表示悔罪。法院当庭宣判,处以6人拘役5个月至有期徒刑11个月不等的刑期,并处以罚金。“这伙人以非法占有他人财物为目的,虚构事实、隐瞒真相,采用欺骗手段骗取旅客钱财,数额较大、次数较多,其行为已构成诈骗罪。”主审此案的法官戴蓉说。同时,警方提醒广大旅客,在火车上遇到喊你打牌的人,你只要说不打钱,他们就不会再找你了。一旦遇到不正常的情况,不要觉得拉不下面子,一定要及时联系乘警,避免财产受损失。相关的主题文章: