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Online agent call you can spend 30 yuan business hot crazy – Sohu news police: Hohhot people report suspected illegal harassment lawyer: Ms. Liu yesterday received a strange number to call, every 35 minutes. The only sound for two seconds each time, but under her off hours, mobile phone to restore calm. Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found, online generation retaliation "call you die" business weekly and monthly hot, optional, minimum spend 30 yuan can make each other. Reporter personally experience, 5 minutes to receive a variety of strange numbers call nearly 40 times. Police said that the public suffered such a telephone harassment, you can call the network with the center of garbage reporting bad information hotline 12321, or by accepting the official website of the center, APP report. Lawyers said that for such a software and harassment behavior is very serious, and may be subject to detention and fines. Encounter mobile phone was ringing off the hook was forced to shutdown Liu said, harassing phone calls from home call you received is not the same, all over the country, and even some number of unknown origin, each ring number is only two seconds to hang up. "One morning I call even ‘scrapped’, others also can not come in." In desperation, Ms. Liu can only shut down. Coincidentally, the small students have received similar harassment, because she in the online shopping to the seller a bad review". "Bought a pair of sports shoes, quality and packaging are not the same as the store is obvious, it gave a bad review." Small Gu said, after she received a business phone, ask instead, "I refused, in the afternoon the phone was a strange number" ". Who had heard of this situation, the first time small sellers to guess, "I just asked her not to" call you die "software to harass me, the other did not deny, repeatedly said I cancel the bad is all right. Because at that time was very annoying harassment, and there is no other way, so they changed the evaluation of goods before seeking peace". Experience 5 minutes received 40 calls in fact, annoying "call you die" selling online public service. Reporters found a service provider through QQ, the other side of the price of 50 yuan a day. If you choose a weekly and monthly, can also get preferential. Concern for the reporter to buy service will not be found, some businesses are very sure that it was "safe", "is the machine call, random number is also empty, did not check out". The reporter learned that, in addition to "call", but also "personally started", as long as the purchase of a "call you die" software, "calling" a user only 30 yuan a day, monthly package price concessions. Good operation, package teaching package will be regularly updated, which is the commitment of the business. In order to obtain the trust of reporters, a businessman sent to the reporter through a trial version of QQ links, invited reporters to experience, after payment. Reporter opened found that address displayed in singapore. Web page statement, the software is only for urban construction, urban management department to combat small ads, harassing phone calls and other legitimate purposes, not for extortion, extortion and other illegal acts." (pictured) but the reporter experience相关的主题文章: