Online travel is still bogged down in the quagmire of a loss of six months or more than 4 billion sm agogoktv

Online travel is still in a loss quagmire: half a year or over 4 billion deficit small start-up companies can not afford Sina one although Xu Li at the end of last year, many analysts predicted this year may be the implementation of Online Travel Corporation generally turn into an important point in time surplus. However, the data released from the line travel company, the end of this year to be able to lose money, the profit is still slim hope. OTA was the only profitable Ctrip, due to the acquisition of where the network, has two consecutive quarterly losses. Even according to the calculation method by excluding stock based compensation expense profit, although Ctrip to achieve profitability in the first half, but there has been a double down trend. The relatively small volume of cattle and donkey mother, also appeared the loss of an extension of the situation. The entire online travel industry is still mired in losses. Specific to the business, ticket area, online travel by the airlines and direct the new policy pressure; Auto ticketing areas although growing rapidly, but the profit space is limited; the hotel price war will still, Ctrip has been clear, with the price to block any attempt to enter the field of competitors. All losses in Figure 1: a loss of four companies (unit: RMB) so far, Ctrip, donkey mother parent to King domain where the network culture, the way cattle and three new board listed or have announced second quarter earnings in the first half, four companies in the first half of the whole department into a loss situation. Although elong privatization delisting and the same way tourism has not yet listed, but the two companies continued losses and no new good news. Ctrip second quarter net loss attributable to shareholders of the company was $521 million (RMB, the same below), compared to the same period last year, the figure was $143 million profit. The first quarter, Ctrip’s net loss of 1 billion 600 million yuan, Ctrip net loss of more than $2 billion 100 million in the two quarter. Where the net second quarter attributable to shareholders net loss of $698 million 800 thousand, net profit attributable to shareholders in the first quarter where the net loss of $701 million 200 thousand in the two quarter net loss of $1 billion 400 million. Tuniu second quarter net loss of 766 million 900 thousand yuan, the first quarter net loss of 485 million 700 thousand yuan, the two quarter loss of 1 billion 250 million yuan. Data in the first half of 2015 was a loss of 466 million yuan this year, almost the same as last year, the times of 2.7. The king of the field of culture, the first half of 2016 losses reached 256 million yuan, the first half of last year, the loss of the same period of two times. Ctrip has said that the loss of the first quarter, because the merger where the network generated a net loss of $1 billion 100 million, the two quarter is the integration of the network where the net loss of RMB 373 million yuan. However, the loss of the amount of integration to go where the network, the second quarter is still a loss of 148 million. Although at a loss, four online travel companies, Ctrip is from profit to loss, the way cattle is a loss of over year expansion, compared Jingyu culture loss last year increased significantly. Where the net loss is still the largest, but the second quarter loss compared to the same period last year narrowed, compared with the first quarter.相关的主题文章: