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"Opal city" — Coober Pedy Australia China eagerly looked forward to tourists in Coober Pedy tourism channel — underground restaurant of Coober Pedy underground hotel room Dongnuanxialiang Coober Pedy mayor Michel in the northern state of Nan’ao Coober Pedy Australia (Coober  Pedy), there is a history of the story: in January 1915, a consortium of exploration prospecting for gold here, Jim in search of water,? Hutcheson is only 14 years old son William found a flashing light color gorgeous gem, the gem people have never, then named opal (Opal). In 100 years, this piece of land has attracted immigrants from all over the world, where the exploitation of the opal mines in Coober Pedy are too many to count, the "opal town", "world opal capital" reputation. Rainbow stone   the light of the town of Coober Pedy, the name of the origin of the native language (kupa  PITI), meaning "living in the hole in the white". In the past, many miners cut out of the cave cave mining, feel cool temperatures, live inside. After seeing the natives pointed to the cave shouting "Coober Pedy", and finally in 1920, it was renamed Coober Pedy. In northern Coober Pedy, wasteland bearing native common belief "era". "Our native people have a responsibility to protect this wasteland and continue our story. The spiritual ancestors of the dream era will be connected to us in this land." The local indigenous people Ian? Crombie facing vast open wilderness fondly said. Coober Pedy is the main origin of global opal. Previously, the main export market of opal is the United States, Germany and Japan, now, China market has begun to rise. Also known as opal opal, is one of the world’s six gem. About 95% of the world’s opal produced in Australia, while Coober Pedy’s output accounted for about 80% of production in australia. Local mining engineer Liu Jin introduction, the main component of opal is a mixture of silica and water, different arrangement rules and light reflection can show different colors, red and what is the value of the identification of opal color value. The best water content of opal in the range of 6% to 10%, the higher the stability of opal. Nan’ao is mainly produced opal type crystal opal, brilliant color, transparent stone. Liu Jin suggested that the purchase of opal must ask the seller is clear, opal stone, two layer or three layer patch patch opal or processed, generally relatively irregular stone. At the same time, it is best to ask the seller to issue a certificate. It is understood that Coober Pedy is currently mining opal mines in more than and 50, the peak was more than 400 in history. "Red orange yellow green blue purple, rainbow for each kind of gorgeous color, you can find in a high quality opal." Coober Pedy mayor Michel introduced the general disco?. This is like a rainbow as brilliant gem, not only is the gift of history, but also the hope of the development of light. Michel said that Coober Pedy lived from the whole相关的主题文章: