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Optics Valley 124 tax related business a window through the office to improve the efficiency of tax in September 30th, Hubei Tianhe Jia Kang energy Polytron Technologies Inc deputy general manager Diana Peng Tan, found in Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone Administrative Service Center for tax related matters, the past work to run several window, now a window can fix, not only saves 23 of the time, submit the data are also much less. It is reported that, since the State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau launched a joint tax year, the 20 window, can be "a window" for the tax of 5 categories, 124 items of business. In East Lake new district administrative service center, combined with the tax service center set up a total of 61 windows, 20 of which can be a window through the office window, 25 "centralized management liaison office". The tax department responsible person, all in a window through the office window is a window, a person, a machine, a screen, a computer integrated installation state tax all the tax system, taxpayers into a door, take a number, to a window, do two things. In recent years, in the popular wave of entrepreneurship, highly innovative, Optics Valley enterprises is increasing rapidly, last year there are more than 10 thousand companies registered. In the first half of this year, 8166 new registered markets in Optics Valley have increased by 42%. On average, 66 market bodies are born every working day, with more than 4 million registered enterprises, and the amount of tax handling has increased sharply. In order to improve the efficiency of the tax, East Lake high tech Zone in the implementation of the joint tax window at the same time, also set up a self-help tax area, 3 sets of 24 hour self service terminal installation, and 14 computer, the taxpayer can self-service online reporting, online copy of tax, online authentication, online filing and other services. According to statistics, the implementation of "one window" joint service, Optics Valley average weekly for tax registration, change of registration, cancellation of registration, tax declaration, and other business documents accepted more than 1000 pen, reduce the information submitted more than 600 copies, with the tax efficiency improved significantly. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to big Chu to start WeChat, scan below two-dimensional code or search dachucy

光谷124项涉税业务“一窗通办” 提升办税效率9月30日,湖北天合嘉康能源科技股份有限公司副总经理彭丹,在武汉东湖高新区政务服务中心办理涉税事项时发现,过去办事要跑好几个窗口,现在一个窗口就能搞定,不仅节省了2 3的时间,报送的资料也少多了。据悉,自该区国税局、地税局启动联合办税半年来,所设20个窗口,均可“一窗式”办理国地税5大类、124项业务。在东湖高新区政务服务中心,联合办税服务中心共设置61个窗口,其中20个可“一窗通办”,25个联办窗口可“集中办理”。该区税务部门负责人介绍,在所有“一窗通办”窗口,均为一窗、一人、一机、一屏,一台电脑整合安装国地税所有办税系统,让纳税人进一扇门、取一个号、到一个窗、办两家事。近年来,在大众创业、万众创新的浪潮下,光谷企业增势迅猛,去年就有1万多家企业注册。今年上半年,光谷新注册市场主体8166户,增长42%。平均每个工作日诞生66家市场主体,累计注册企业逾4万家,各类税务办理量激增。为提高办税效率,东湖高新区在推行窗口联合办税的同时,还设立自助办税区,安装3台24小时自助办税终端,以及14台电脑,纳税人可随时自助办理网上申报、网上抄报税、网上认证、网上备案等业务。据统计,实行“一窗式”联合服务后,光谷平均每周办理税务登记、变更登记、注销登记、纳税申报、文书受理等业务1000余笔,减少报送资料600余份,联合办税效率明显提升。更多创业资讯,请关注大楚创业微信,扫描下方二维码或搜索dachucy相关的主题文章: