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SEO If you build it, they will .e, so whispered that voice in Field of Dreams. And yes, your customers will .e and visit your website as long as you make sure that your site can easily be found and is search engine optimized! The Key to Optimizing Creating pages means building a site that will provide your customers what they want and need by using great and updated content. But you should not end there! You also have to make sure that you regularly throw in to your content words and phrases that your potential customers would use when searching in Google. You see, Google works that way. Their spiders crawl through websites and base the ranking of your sites pages on the number of times the key words and phrases appear in your content. The higher the ranking, the higher your site would appear in search engine ranking pages. And the higher your site appears in search engines, the higher the number of customers that will be attracted to your website! A word of caution, however. Do not overdo the use of your key words and phrases. The bottom line is your content should be friendly to your customers, so peppering them with your key words in every line would make for strenuous reading. What you should do is you should distribute the use of your key words evenly throughout your web page. Make sure that the key words or phrases are included in the title, in big headings and near the top of the content body. Google weighs the importance of a heading based on its size, so bigger headings are given more weight than the smaller ones. Dont be Flashy When I say flashy, I mean the use of Flash animation! Google, for some reason, cannot index nor read content using Flash. So do make sure that all your relevant content and your key words and phrases are not in this format. If Google is unable to read your content, you will not get any ranking. Link it Up! So now that you have great and updated material in your site, with key words dispersed evenly throughout your web pages, it is time to show those search engines that you have important, relevant and authoritative content in your hands! Sharing your site with other similarly great sites can do this. Seek them out, and once those sites see how great your site is, they will definitely provide a link in their website to yours. And having a link from these great sites would mean more website traffic and more potential customers! Now, do not overdo things and get a link from every single site that you see. As a matter of fact, stay away from those offers that would link your site up with hundreds of other sites. Chances are, those sites are not up to par. Instead, choose quality over quantity! Link up with websites that have relevant and quality materials. It will actually make your site more search engine optimized and have a bigger impact on your ranking than the links from even a thousand low-quality sites! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: