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Overseas intermediary sleight of hand 50 thousand people cheated involved over 2 billion original title: overseas intermediary sleight of hand 50 thousand people cheated over 2 billion contracts due to the expiration but not for the customer for immigration + overseas arrangement ", the first half of last year, Jilin, Shandong, Anhui and Sichuan and other provinces and cities have many intermediary companies abroad by customers to request a refund fee. The company behind all point to the Hong Kong International Investment group. In October 28th, the Neijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau informed the investigation department of Hong Kong "cases in the official website. According to media reports, Hong Kong Group and its 116 member companies and the National more than 5 customers signed a contract, involving more than 2 billion yuan. By the victims of immigrants to work back intermediary fees to no avail in October 2013, Deyang Mianzhu Lee and Sichuan sea Immigration Services Limited signed a commission for private exit contract and the supplementary agreement, eager to do woodworking through the company to the United States to earn high wages. However, in the payment of 48 thousand yuan fee, the contract expires after the time, he has not received any news of the intermediary companies, repeatedly urged no fruit. Until the sea company incident, Lee also failed to get back their intermediary fees. And Li Mouyou also suffered a lot of people. Last April 19th, 20, the Chengdu Daily reporter in Neijiang city is located in the central city of folk music in the building of Sichuan sea and Immigration Services Limited, from around the country at least hundreds of people waiting on this, the objective is for intermediary fees. From the lighthouse City of Liaoning Tian Tian is a recommendation of the company". "The main thing is to recommend the lighthouse to the United States, Canada, Australia and greece." He said that from January 24, 2014 to October 10th, he added to the sea company recommended 68 outbound private personnel working abroad, the trades are packers, electricians, total paid intermediary fees of 3 million 200 thousand. However, after the expiration of the contract, the company did not arrange to go abroad, nor refund. Said the legal representative, general manager of the company with the sea at that time Qiu Yong told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter interviewed the customer can not refund is due, because of poor management led to the company from the beginning of the end of 2014 there is a shortage of funds. The company is looking for ways to raise funds for six months to 1 years to refund the customer related costs. At that time, because the best intermediary fees to no avail, many of the victims rushed to the nearby sea and the District Public Security Bureau in Neijiang city south of the police station, and submit the contract, payment receipts and other relevant materials. According to the case of the people’s Procuratorate information network information display: August 2nd Neijiang City District Procuratorate of Sichuan sea has Immigration Services Limited to the "4.29 plus sea company contract fraud case 13 defendants prosecuted according to law for alleged contract fraud to the Neijiang City District People’s court. Company of group of sleight of hand more than 50 thousand people cheated involving over 2 billion and the sea company, Anhui Ruitai Immigration Services Limited, Jilin province Kai and Immigration Services Ltd. and other parts of the country abroad many intermediary companies are exposed the same question 7相关的主题文章: