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[] you think it taste peanut drunkard? It’s time to show me! Sohu and leaves before their peeled peanut drunkard, because the water to remove skin, then need to freeze a day, many of my friends have said too much trouble, a friend said because the water will also fryer, not fried crisp, then leaves today recommended this method will do a simple solution, but also so, a few minutes to fix, if the temporary home to the guests, do wine, cannot do without it. Do I use peanut molting today, buy in Metro, it is very convenient, also do not have what technical content, is to do, need a little skill, let’s see… []… Raw materials: Ingredients: 500 grams of peanuts [] molting seasoning: salt, peanut oil, the amount of 10, dry chili pepper, chili powder, a small amount of pepper powder production steps: raw materialsready chili shred. The pot to add the right amount of peanut oil, peanut fried, pay attention to the use of peanut oil to the best fried peanuts, but also can not put oil in the peanut oil out of a part of the cold pot cold oil into the peanut. To open a small fire, constantly stir fry, fry until golden fish oil. The pot hot oil, add dried pepper and dried pepper, a small fire slowly stir fry. Add peanuts and stir fry. Add chili powder, pepper powder, salt, stir fry tasty. Finished drawing. Tips: chili, pepper and chili powder, pepper powder is not the same, in part to taste delicious, it should be placed. The leaves of the kitchen, senior nutrition lecturer, two nutritionists, CCTV, Beijing TV, Hebei TV and other stalls delicacy show guests millions of fans full-time delicacy contributors, all articles are original, welcome forwarding. If there is no molting peanuts, the public number (yezidexiaochu) features snacks menu has a slightly more complex version of the practice. There are many other dishes in the public number.   相关的主题文章:

LETV 12 billion 800 million yuan market value evaporated by $4! Deputy director stock prices will al-mkdv-02

LETV 12 billion 800 million yuan market value evaporated by $4! Deputy director: the stock price will always go up CCTV financial news) recently as the capital of the music market has been concerned about the capital market, just yesterday, as the music Holdings CEO Jia Yueting issued a letter to all employees. In the letter, Jia Yi reflect the music company strategy as soon as the rhythm is too fast, resulting in significant challenges to the organization and funding. LETV shares today was tumbled, closing price 37.85 yuan, down 4.68%, the share price hit a new low since September 21, 2015. Statistics show that LETV share price since last Wednesday, the cumulative decline of 14.6%, the market value of the total evaporation of more than $12 billion 800 million. The first big shareholder "LETV" Hong Kong listed companies cool group also collapsed today, after the deep decline in nearly 25%, as of the closing price of HK $1.08, or 17.56%, in accordance with the 5 billion 32 million stock, cool group market value of 1 billion 157 million yuan evaporation day. So the music as the current situation in the end how? Today, our reporter exclusive interview with music as co-founder, vice chairman Liu Hong, to listen to his response. In the internal letter, Jia Yueting examined the music as a series of problems in the development process, such as the rhythm is too fast, as well as the ability to lag behind the organization, etc.. To this end, Jia Yueting said in an internal letter, LETV ecological strategy into second stages: the farewell burn expansion, focusing on the existing ecological. Music co founder, vice chairman Liu Hong said that music is not to be contracted, but upgrade. As co-founder of vice chairman Liu Hong: first, do not give up the existing business, focusing on the current state, the United States and China stage focus regional market; second, the direction will not change, but the results were adjusted from the original money expansion, quick access to the user scale stage, entered into the second stage, do deep through the market, realize the ecological operating cash flow positive rapid growth. In the face of rumors that the music as a supplier of payment problems, Liu Hong responded, TV supply chain has not been affected, nor any arrears. As co-founder of vice chairman Liu Hong: first of all, our listed companies is very healthy, currency funds and operating cash flows are in very good condition, TV supply chain has not been any impact on our TV without any arrears. The main problem is Lego (homonym) exist the problem of shortage of funds, we have never taboo. About LETV shares fell, Liu Hong said that although the company will be under pressure, but not particularly worried. Co founder of music, as vice chairman Liu Hong: first, LETV shares several years ago ups and downs several times. On this point, we have a lot of temper, not very worried; two we think that the stock value is determined by the intrinsic value, as long as our business grows in high speed, as long as the listed company to create more people can not create value, the stock price will always be.相关的主题文章:

Glenn Seidman penalty kick was encouraged by Simonyi one of the best strikers in the world-www.av7788.com

Glenn Seidman missed a penalty for Simonyi: one of the best strikers in the world to encourage new network – in the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liu Yi reported this morning: the second round of the Champions League group D this morning staged 3.0i Atletico Madrid home court to 1 than 0 Lectra Bayern Munich. Atletico accumulate 6 points in the group leader, Bayern Volume 3, PSV and Rostov 1 points. New Bayern coach Ancelotti after his brainchild, the success of eight matches in the Bundesliga, Germany Super Cup and the German Cup, deshiqiu ratio is 27 to 1. Ancelotti in Bayern record this morning by old rival Simonyi end, the average has scored more than 3 goals in the attack by the curb. Ancelotti last clash with Simonyi in the 2014-2015 season, two coach showdown eight times, Ancelotti won only a — 14 in the Champions League final, Real Madrid with a total score of 1 out of 0 horse race. After about a year and a half, Ancelotti returned to Madrid Calderon stadium, or cope with Simonyi’s tactical high closing down. Bayern after a lapse of about six months to return to the Calderon stadium, Guardiola led the performance compared to even regressed, 67% ball rate is mostly ineffective foot back. Ma Jing’s attack efficiency is very high, in twenty-second minutes almost broke Kirk’s corner on the left, before Lewandowski headed the rescue but rub back post, Torres header hit the post unbelievable. Ma Jing in thirty-fifth minutes to break the deadlock: Vidal houchangchangzhuan was pushed back, Alonso headed the rescue mistakes, the European Cup Golden Ball and the Golden Boot winner Gregory double ball Saltzman attracted three people grab after Callas sent pass, a breakthrough to the closed front foot shot hit the post in the side of the bomb into the net. The Lavon of Bayern, Ribery and Muller formed the trident attack efficiency is not high, the veteran midfielder Alonso Vidal showed inadequate coverage, a little reckless. Fifty-ninth minutes, Robben substitute appearances for Muller, but did not fundamentally solve the problem of attack. Eighty-third minutes, Atletico Madrid defender Felipe Vidal broke into the restricted area was knocked down, Gregory Saltzman penalty kick hit the crossbar, missed the opportunity to expand the score for atletico. Ancelotti said after the game: "Ma Jing is a good team, this is a very difficult game, we should have done better. It’s too slow, by closing down a lot of mistakes, be Atletico counterattack. We still have a chance to win the group winners, defeating Ma Jing in the home court must." Simonyi after the game encourages the missed penalty: "Maradona, Glenn Seidman, Platini and Messi have missed a penalty, Gregory, the future is still the first penalty Saltzman our hands. For me, he is one of the best strikers in the world, and I have been very pleased with his performance in addition to the one thousand things that are good for us."相关的主题文章:

Coal heavy Beijing recommend small grains party secretary personally to create ad – Beijing-mycoolboy

Coal heavy Beijing recommend small grains party secretary personally to create ad – Beijing, Beijing, September 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Na) "Lvliang cereals and pure alcohol." 23 PM, in Shanxi (Yuncheng? Linfen? Lvliang) Beijing characteristic agricultural products fair in Lvliang will promote the small grains, with businesses from across the country and the media, Shanxi Lvliang municipal Party committee secretary Wang Qingxian began, and this word is revealed to promote him personally for Lvliang to build small grains. In the face of coal economic cold wave, and 10 poor county poverty alleviation task, coal Lvliang is trying to play down the coal brought "black" image, small grains, potatoes, Fen, aluminum ore with the new name card. "This is the first pure, pure pure; second alcohol, alcohol is mellow." 23, to perform their duties in the promotion conference, Lvliang municipal Party committee secretary Wang Qingxian explained the "near Lvliang cereals and pure alcohol". "For thousands of years, our local customs, women gave birth to the child, do not drink ginseng soup, drink xiaomizhou." For Lvliang small grains, Wang Qingxian very much. He believes that the Lvliang cereals "pure", because these grains were grown in the depths of the mountains, there is no industrial pollution, use of fertilizer are farmyard manure, no pests, no pesticide, is a pure natural green food; Lvliang grain alcohol, because Lvliang is the natural green, natural grains mellow taste. 23, in the event, Chinese Research Institute of crop science researcher Sun Junming said, after testing, the isoflavone content of soybean production in Lvliang kidney is 1.5 to 2 times the market average soybean, its nutritional value is high, can improve women’s menopause bushizheng, cancer prevention, cardiovascular protection and prevention of osteoporosis. In addition, Lvliang potato is one of Wang Qingxian’s important referrals. According to its introduction, Lvliang temperature difference between day and night, is conducive to the accumulation of potato starch, so good taste; and the latitude of Lvliang is 36- 38, the average diurnal temperature at 15 degrees, is the most suitable for the growth of potato dimensions. 23, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences food processing equipment innovation and chief scientist Zhang Hong announced that after testing in the field, content and market of protein, VB1, VB2, VC and potassium calcium nutrition on potato Lanxian common varieties is relatively high, the main nutrients are higher than the market similar products. Wang Qingxian’s humor. He said the potato is the ideal food for girls to lose weight, won the present people’s laughter and applause, 23 PM, Shanxi city of Lvliang Province Coal Beijing recommend small grains, the Lvliang municipal Party committee secretary Wang Qingxian said "Lvliang cereals and pure alcohol" this word is to promote him personally for Lvliang to build small grains. Pictured Lvliang municipal Party Secretary Wang Qingxian. Feng Shuai, according to public information, Lvliang 21 thousand square kilometers of the total area of the city, with an area of up to 11 thousand square kilometers of coal. From 2001 to 2011, ten years of coal gold, Lvliang’s GDP maintained a growth rate of two digits, for many years to maintain the first in Shanxi province. However, with the increasingly difficult operation of the coal industry, Lvliang city of Shanxi province’s GDP from positive economic growth into the first)相关的主题文章:

Autumn has come, tour Macao, these things can not be missed! – Sohu travel-melia kreiling

Autumn has come, tour Macao, these things can not be missed! The Sohu – tourism nagging mention of Macao, many people think this day and night! Just the end of the trip, but the town began to miss Macao. Yes, Macao is very small, just Baidu, only about 32.8 square kilometers, but this small city, but also has rich tourism resources, as had been the Portuguese colonial rule over the place, Macao has a confluence of eastern and Western culture after the Chinese and Western unique style, attracts many visitors come to…… Many people love Hongkong more prosperous and enchanting, but I love Macao more quiet and quaint. In Macao, enjoy the feeling of time flowing through the fingers. Slowly, long swim…… Macao is the kind of place where you want to go and play. The bustling giant Hongkong like makeup, let you feel the subtle pressure. Quiet little Macao so sumianchaotian, before you go passion imagination but slowly released. Macao travel, can be long and short, someone told me – Macao is a small place, one day will be able to turn over……" Someone said to me, "Macao is a place where you can slow down and taste." I think they are right, Macao is very small, if you have to use that kind of way to fly, one day should be enough; but if you want to savor this experienced many vicissitudes of history, to see her story, I advise you, or walk slowly, slowly…… This September, let me tell you what you can’t miss in Macao, I heard that there are a lot of activities in Macao in September. What’s on? 1 twenty-eighth Macao International Fireworks Festival once a year the Macao International Fireworks Festival on Saturday evening, the Mid Autumn Festival and China National Day at the Macao tower off at! With each fireworks night features on five themes: fireworks fantasy, bright night, and the melting state, and the sky shining star. Hyun Ying festival. Date: 9.3, 9.10, 9.15, 9.24; 10.1: 21:00 – 21:40 location: Tower the sea for free viewing 2 fireworks Carnival Carnival fireworks aims to cooperate with the twenty-eighth session of the Macao International Fireworks Festival, for the residents to add festive atmosphere and provide a comfortable leisure environment watch. Date: 9.3, 9.10, 9.15, 9.24; 10.1: 18:00 – 23:00 location: West Bay Lake Plaza 3 Macao Lantern Festival Mid Autumn Festival this year to "Moon Flower" as the theme, with every kind of floral elements, so that the public and visitors feel the strong atmosphere of mid autumn festival. Date: 9.3 – 10.10 location: 1 Plaza promenade free Silk Road on the night of 4 hou to show the "path" meaning)相关的主题文章:

One hundred thousand production capacity of the car without a license for the youth billion project -下北glory days

One hundred thousand production capacity of the car without a license for the youth billion project into a zombie – Sohu car recently, Ji’nan City Commission by letter informed the 19 zombie companies lost $71 million last year. Of particular concern is that the Ji’nan youth Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Ji’nan youth car) impressively in the column. This is a production of high-end Lotus brand car project. At that time, Ji’nan youth automotive design capacity of 120 thousand years, the maximum capacity of up to 150 thousand years, is expected in 2015 sales revenue will be more than one billion yuan. Who can think of, now this billion output value of large projects was reduced to a "zombie" enterprise. At present, the country is cleaning up great in strength and impetus of zombie companies, the local government in Ji’nan will also be included in the list of young car "zombie" and to start the asset disposal program. Billions of zombies at present, Ji’nan youth car factory erected a lotus logo, has been somewhat blurred. The company closed the door, only a deserted a deserted house, the staff confirmed to reporters, this once, the constant flow of traffic People are hurrying to and fro. private automobile company cut for a long time". The so-called zombie companies, refers to those who have no hope back to life, but because lenders or get government support from collapse liability enterprises, has a waste of social resources, damage the rights and interests of workers, the formation of financial risk. Specifically there are three main types: enterprises are still operating, but the efficiency is low, profit is not enough to pay interest on corporate credit, the main sign is the continued loss, high rate of assets and liabilities; enterprises have ceased operations above the first half of the year, the main signs are not turned over more than half of value-added tax; enterprise production and management activities of the basic at a standstill, the main signs are companies to suspend the electricity capacity. An official of the Ji’nan high tech Zone intelligent equipment industry development center said, after investigation, the Ji’nan youth car has been discontinued for more than a year, and no willingness to invest, no car production qualification, many assets were seized, the short term is difficult to resume production may have. It turned out that the young car group does not have a car license plate, with the help of Guizhou Airlines Group is the most important part of its development of the market. In July 2004, young car recombinant Guihang lark, and with the help of the car production qualification, the successful promotion for car manufacturers. Then, Guihang group and youth group two car break, so that the latter part company each going his own way lost crucial birth license. The official said, Ji’nan high tech Development Zone has repeatedly communicate with the youth Automotive Group, hoping to introduce its new energy vehicles, battery production, but the group did not invest in new projects, the willingness to continue investment. At present, many of the assets of Ji’nan youth car is in the state of being sealed, after the maturity of the bank loan has been overdue phenomenon. In accordance with the standards, Ji’nan youth car has been a zombie enterprise list. Once upon a time, the first car project was introduced in Ji’nan. According to public information, Ji’nan youth Automobile Co. Ltd was established in July 29, 2005, the legal representative of Pang youth, the registered capital of 65 million 835 thousand yuan, of which Jinhua young lotus Holding Co., the company invested 59 million 251 thousand and 500 yuan)相关的主题文章:

Internet financial regulation wins the six areas of innovation; correct Deviation – Xinjiang C-doat

  Internet financial regulation wins the six areas of innovation; correct "Deviation" – Xinjiang Channel – people.com.cn (Yang Rui (Intern), commissioning editor: Han Ting)相关的主题文章:

BS Guo Sizhi trading is still relatively light, the technology is still waiting for change in consol-嘿嘿taxi

BS: Guo Sizhi trading is still relatively light, the technology is still in the consolidation to Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Big city after Rose for four days, today’s performance slightly again, the first morning HSI slightly lower 4 points to 23948 points, followed by further increasing the selling pressure taking back, to check at 10:30 in the morning, the Hang Seng index already fell 133 points to 23819 points, but the relative increase was 504 weeks (Zhou Yizhi point meter low of 23500 points to 24004), only a little Thursday consolidation. Strictly speaking, as long as the index continued steady at above 23500 points, the first low after the high potential has not yet changed temporarily. Of course, once the 23500 fall, that support the market or further back to try the September 14th low of 23155 points. This month, although the city was temporarily low after the first high form (3 day low of 23500 points to 6 points of 24004 points), but due to the transaction has been partial light, so the lack of a temporary attempt to top or break the top power. Moreover, the lack of a strong sense of the city also, according to the current momentum of big city, although the performance is still hard on the net, but the technology belongs to the pattern of change, because of the high and low one month will not appear at the same time in a week. Moreover, the volatility of the 504 points can not meet the needs of the month, so the market will certainly have to wear a head or broken foot scene. At present the turnover, the big city is not like the wave of new start, at least temporarily under dynamic testing on top or broken top, so we should see tight 3 day low of 23500 points of support. Guo Sizhi 2016-10-7 into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: