From the earliest tire supplier to do it the way tiger 5 years grinding sword 霍金hawking

From the earliest tire supplier to do it the way tiger 5 years grinding sword for five years, the time is not long. Indeed, five years can make people earth shaking changes, for start-up companies is the same, stand for five years without falling is a rare. In five years, always do not forget the beginning of the heart, standing in the forefront of the industry is less and less. Road tiger car, already has more than 10000 cooperative stores, covering 405 of the city, forging a mature companies can withstand the test, the achievements of today Chinese automobile market continued leader position. Adhere to the genuine self mode in 2011, is the origin of the road tiger car. This year, the birth of China’s car market after the concern of B2C electronic business platform. In the past few years, the strong vitality of the tiger has the most intensive and abundant line of store resources. Always adhere to the "authentic self" business philosophy, with the line under the integrated service network as the core business model, the main tires, oil, car maintenance, car beauty products and services, to create the ultimate user experience. However, in the Internet + era, efforts to expand, many companies are doing one thing. As Kevin, Kelly said, change is inevitable. Everything is changing and everything is changing – although many changes are not perceived. Subtle changes in the Internet on the market so that every enterprise has different degrees of real estate gave birth to a sense of crisis, looking for their own development is more critical. In the Chinese car market after leading the way tiger quadrant, with its own mature model began to build a vehicle service ecosystem strategy, always strive in a relatively confusing and opaque, lack of industry standard car market after the establishment of rules. At the beginning of the creation, the way of the tiger’s start-up capital of only 300 thousand yuan, the rent of a rented room of a large area of 130 square meters of the 6 rooms of the office of the 2. After a lapse of five years, the way tiger has completed a D round of financing first 100 million yuan, 5 billion yuan valuation of the company. Its sales covering 405 cities across the country, more than 10000 cooperation in the installation of stores, only a single month tire sales reached $180 million. (picture taken 2011) (picture taken 2016) the way tiger as vehicle repair and maintenance services mode electricity supplier proprietary business representatives, as early as last year, they launched the upgrade of four strategies: category upgrade, from the tire to the whole category; service upgrade, improve the service quality; mode upgrade, B2C+B2B platform upgrade; from the car to the service, smart car product development. Therefore, the way the unicorn industry increasingly consolidated position. The important role of keeping a car in a long life, the owners will inevitably encounter problems of opaque price, poor service attitude, car products without protection in car life, but with the way tiger, this problem is gradually resolved. For the owners of all kinds of worries, to take the road to the car as the representative of the car after the market platform for the majority of owners of a quality solution. In the camp on their respective platforms, you can provide for the owners to change tires, car maintenance, car beauty and genuine car products and other services. And its consistent low price, genuine, proprietary, good service brand business model, quickly won the national consumer recognition..相关的主题文章:

To master the correct posture of fetal education give birth to healthy babies – maternal Sohu

To master the correct posture of fetal education give birth to healthy babies – Sohu to master the correct posture of maternal fetal education give birth to healthy BB now, it is not difficult to find, there are a lot of Mommy pays more attention on the baby’s fetal education. Just to be able to let the child fetal education brain, nervous system and various sensory skills can be more perfect, let the children be able to adapt to the environment. However, there will be some errors in fetal education, we understand together below. What time from the beginning of 1 fetal education, good fetal education is not the sooner the better. Studies have shown that the baby in 4 months when the hearing, at the time of 6 months of hearing development is close to adult. In 6-7 months, already has the basic body, in 8 months time began to have auditory memory. So, the best time of fetal education should be selected at 8 months later. 2 when the amount of fetal education timely to the fetus in the womb inside, most of the time is spent in sleep and grow, so try not to disturb the baby sleep. My mother can observe the activity of the baby, the baby when awake for fetal education. Can the rule of fetal education every day, but the time not too long, the fetus develop regular habits. In the process of fetal education, parents and baby can communicate more, establish and cultivate feelings. 3 don’t beat the abdomen fetal education some people would suggest that, when the baby kicked the mother’s stomach, the mother can tap the parts of being kicked, helps to grow. In fact, such a method is wrong. Most of the time the baby was sleeping, when the movement is likely to be a baby turned over, or change a posture to sleep. If at this time on the stomach, can let the baby feel restless, and can not play the role of fetal education. 4 choose a professional music fetal education some people think that the child is fetal education let him listen to the world famous, this practice is actually wrong, not all of the songs are suitable for fetal education. In the baby 6 months, you can listen to some soothing music, not more than 85 dB, you can listen to half an hour a day. Do not listen to rock music, to avoid the birth of children with adhd. During pregnancy, fetal education is just to give the baby a good growth environment. However, to correct fetal education can play a role. Therefore, mothers should have a certain understanding of fetal education, it is necessary to consult some professional advice, to avoid the misunderstanding of fetal education.   相关的主题文章:

South Korean prosecutors today v. politics door about 3 people will mention the complaint of Park Ge

South Korean prosecutors today v. "politics door" about 3 people will mention the complaint of Park Geun hye – Sohu news in November 20, according to foreign media reports, South Korea hundreds of thousands of people of 19 local time in Seoul and South Korea 46 regions nationwide demonstrations, asked the President Park Geun hye office, responsible for "bestie dry politics". This is the work of Cui Shun political affairs since the exposure, the fourth large-scale demonstrations in South korea. In addition, South Korean prosecutors will prosecute three people with the events of 20, and in the complaint written "three people directly involved in the park crime" and other terms. More than more than 1 thousand and 500 South Korean civic groups 19 million people to protest for park Geun hye to step down. Seoul evening local time 6 when 500 thousand people gathered in the vicinity of Seoul Gwanghwamun square; in addition, Busan, Daejeon, Kwangju and other 45 regions of the country people held a demonstration at the same time, they require not only the park office, also shouted "arrested Park" and other slogans. Local time on November 19th, fourth for South Korean President Park Geun hye down South Korean mass candlelight rally held in 46 districts of Seoul city. Yesterday’s demonstrations also included many high school students who had just attended the college entrance examination. From the JiangYuanDao beam of grass Yan female student surnamed (18 years old) said: "there are around a lot of friends want to see Cui Shunshi’s daughter was admitted to the Ewha Womans University," back door "to be admitted, feel this society is not fair, so I decided to ride with friends to Seoul to participate in the demonstration." Jiang said the workers (40 years old) said: "the few cronies around, not with other people to communicate, see Pu Jinhui such a policy, I feel very angry!" Demonstrators in Seoul from 7:30 pm local time to surround the presidential palace surrounded by Chong Wa Dae in the form of five routes to the Chong Wa Dae. Police in Chong Wa Dae 500 meters before the police surrounded the wall to prevent the influx of demonstrators into the presidential palace. Police put a total of about 16000 police on the scene to maintain order at the scene, in order to prevent riots. South Korean people held the fourth round of demonstrations on the 19 day, protesters from 2 pm the same day, respectively, from the east gate of historical and Cultural Park, Hongik University subway station, delta station and hyehwa Dong University road of the final walk to the Gwanghwamun square held a collective protest candle. In addition, South Korean prosecutors indicted Pu Jinhui is scheduled for 20 "bestie" Cui Shunshi, former Chong Wa Dae Secretary An Zhongfan and Zheng Hucheng, is currently preparing a complaint. Prosecutors relevant sources, in the indictment of the three will be written into the Pu Jinhui direct involvement of the criminal acts of the three". It is understood that Pu Jinhui said: I thought it would bring help to the national economy and national life, but in the process of seeking personal gain, in violation of the law, people regret and heartache." However, the prosecution’s findings and Pu Jinhui’s opinion seems to be the opposite, the event is still fermenting.相关的主题文章:

Often angry parents, will harvest a what kind of child Sohu –

Often angry parents, will harvest a what kind of child? Sohu maternal and child parents of children’s education, first of all! The children rushed to temper, will spoil the child’s soul, let him stupid Fu Bo, but also easy to let him get a headache and other diseases. Parents should not be angry with the child, angry. Don’t you have to use a child with a temper, temper the child, your fire ran to the child’s head, spoil the child’s soul, with a " on the child’s head; inhibition of " a gas, a tempering, add a " inhibition of ". Days and months multiplying, "inhibition" and more and more virtual inhibition becomes a real headache in children, child temperament is firmly imprisons the wisdom without damage, never more, want him to study well, he will learn more and more good, more and more parents expect to draw further apart. This is the result of a child with a temper. A gentleman to correct themselves, reflect and try to find the cause, change your personality, you will become a child. "Children don’t tube, by German sexy" this is a profound truth, to change our angry temperament. Take the "reckless" approach to education for children, is the child’s command, of the guide, to often find the child’s strengths would be the child of flash, encourage children. In praise at the same time, persuade children to correct bad habits. Help children open spiritual treasure. Blame the spleen injury; hate sad angry; lung injury; anger liver injury; renal injury. We should be vigilant, do not underestimate the daily worries small temper. 1 if the child likes to blame others, because we usually criticize him too much. 2 if the child likes to complain about everything, because we always find fault with him. 3 if the child likes confrontation, because we are hostile to him and forced. 4 if the child is not good enough, because we are a lack of sympathy. 5 if a child is timid and shy, it is because he is often mocked and abused. 6 if the child does not tell us the truth, because we talk to catch the child, dig up. 7 if the child does not distinguish between right and wrong, it is because we are autocratic, did not give children the opportunity to think independently and. 8 if the child is very self abased, because we are always disappointed with the child, can not be patient to encourage. 9 if the child is jealous, sensitive, afraid of injury, because our family is not tolerant and warm. 10 if the child does not like himself, because we lack of acceptance, recognition and respect for him. 11 if the child does not progress, not hard, because we ask him too much, he can not do. 12 If the child is selfish, because we are too spoiled him, what to give. 13 if the child did not understand the pains of their parents, because we do not teach him to understand others. 14 If the child back, escape, because of our contempt and blow. 15 if the child is lazy and dependent, because we do things for the children and decisions too much. May day.相关的主题文章:

Jiangsu’s largest cheating case there are VIP candidates gunmen from the country – Sohu news freyja

Jiangsu largest cheating case: there are VIP candidates from the national Sohu News – Gunmen Gang established Education Consulting Co., Ltd. opened the "official" website, set up QQ group, hype and show off cheating illegal experiences, and claimed to take the exam pass rate is very high in the company registration. More than 500 candidates in each exam for gospel truth, pay costs thousands of dollars to several thousand dollars, the gang recruited teicoplanin gunmen in the country, and specializing in the development and modification of wireless transmission, APP mobile phone software, rice headset cheating equipment, look forward to "make a big fight". However, all of their illegal acts, has long been mastered by the police. September 2015, Jiangsu City, Nantong police cracked a national construction division exam cheating case, arrested 27 suspects, involving more than 500 candidates. This is the case of cheating in the recent years, the first investigation contains the complete help test black industry chain of interest test, Jiangsu province is the largest investigation to help test case. The "Legal Daily" reporter from the Jiangsu province Nantong City Chongchuan District People’s court was informed that in November 25th, the hospital of first instance verdict, the defendant Hemou guilty of illegally obtaining state secrets, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for 6 months; the defendant Wang and other 26 people guilty of illegally obtaining state secrets crime, were sentenced to 2 years and 6 months to 9 months, suspended for 1 years in prison, while prohibiting the defendant in a season, Lee and other 6 people during the probation period, related activities engaged in education and training. The company website cheating gang leader to go around the recruitment of gunmen defendant Hemou had illegal help test criminal record, later opened a website called "Nantong Parkson Education Consulting Co. Ltd.". The site is a big hype and showing off cheating on exams, claiming that it is a very high pass rate. The first half of 2015, Wang Mou, 27 defendants were organized for profit, Bozhou, Yunnan candidates in Anhui Kunming, Shandong Linyi, Shandong Dongying and other places in the center of the exam, in September 2015 the national "constructor" examination, and ready to use cheating method to help students pass the exam, be Nantong police destroyed in one fell swoop, the case was a sensation throughout the country. The police investigation found that Hemou by Nantong Parkson Education Consulting Co. Ltd and QQ group, planning and help test institutions for cooperation, in September of that year’s national "constructor" qualification examination in the "fight", large-scale organized cheating in the examination activities. In the meantime, he frequently fled in the domestic provinces and cities, looking for the national "constructor" exam questions, finally in Hubei Wuhan contact with Wang, agreed to buy the examination papers to. Hemou and Shandong sunshine Zhou, Chen, Jiangsu, Suzhou, who plans to buy a collective contribution to the capital, but also went to Shandong sunshine and Zhou and other organizations to discuss the gunmen answer questions. Dozens of offline agents responsible for the recruitment of each exam fee of up to several million cheating activities are largely through subordinate agents "admission", therefore, Hemou hold hundreds of ten.相关的主题文章:

What I said is true Liu Yiwei laughed fit Clay oven rolls

"What I said is true" Liu Yiwei laughed fit Clay oven rolls Sina entertainment news written and directed by Liu Yiwei, starring Xiao Shenyang [micro-blog], Ivy Chen [micro-blog] [micro-blog] in particular, Wu Yue (Zhu Yunfeng), Li Yixiang, Clay oven rolls [micro-blog], Li Yiling starred in the comedy action film "I said suspense is it true" scheduled January 28, 2017 lunar new year. Recently, directed by Liu Yiwei and starring film "ACE ACE raid Clay oven rolls with" Beijing premiere at the scene. Send blessings in the more formal "propaganda" Andy Lau, hoping for a showdown with the king. Liu Yiwei is a personal battle with the partner Clay oven rolls Cross said, "said the film, said the comic are definitely not just for fun"! Liu Yiwei led the "challenge" kicks off and not just in the Clay oven rolls Cross said at the "trump card" with ACE on the premiere, the play Hey God into the "trump card" and "challenge" staged three PK war. As a "challenge group" Captain, Liu Yiwei can not only guide ‘chair, wearing this coat, together with Guo Degang said the comic [micro-blog] favorite Clay oven rolls. When they came to the stage as the first group of guests on stage, the audience is very enthusiastic voice, Liu Yiwei, the new couple to make the audience pleasantly surprised. In this regard, Liu Yiwei smiled and said: "from television to comic cross, but I am also prepared. In fact, there are similarities between the two places, it is hoped that the audience to find resonance in the story. Whether it is a movie, or cross said, I have not just for fun." Liu Yiwei not only for the audience to bring a wonderful comic performances, he’s the latest director of the work, I said is true, then it opened the veil of mystery. The film tells the story of a comic story: a strange combination of circumstances own occupation planning summer solstice (Xiao Shenyang) had made a story about the kidnapping, but accidentally said in fact, so called criminal gangs to kill, even he has a crush on the restaurant owner India snow (Ivy Chen ornaments) are involved, which triggered a series of whirling and full of wit and humour story. The audience was greatly surprised, has always been known for exaggerated lovely style performers to join "the cross Clay oven rolls, I said is true", in the film premiere villain. About the movie feel, Clay oven rolls said: "in fact, a lot of pressure, it is not easy to do. This time I played the horse double is a little stupid thief, listen to the gang boss." Beautiful adorable cute Clay oven rolls subversion starred villain, the audience may wish to wait and see. Wu Yue Zhao Yingjun "through" heart "I said is really" undercover "ace ace" Liu Yiwei and funny face the strength of Clay oven rolls "provocation", the "trump card" with ACE Zhao Yingjun sent a song played against, see his appearance, Liu Yiwei smiled and said: "you didn’t send me to fight!" Originally, Zhao Yingjun not only played Andy Lau’s friends in the "trump card" with ACE, also made a cameo appearance in the "me". The movie "I said is true" in the film "ace ace" funny "undercover" in more than one. Although Wu Yue is not the day on the stage to show off his skills, but also in the two film are shown)相关的主题文章:

Anhui traditional village planning to protect the introduction of ancient houses can be properly mod stellarium

Anhui traditional villages conservation planning the introduction of ancient dwellings may be appropriate to allow the internal transformation of the transformation of ancient houses, improve the living comfort; it is strictly prohibited to use as an excuse to protect all the villagers to move out; to encourage social capital to participate in the protection of traditional villages…… In November 17th, the provincial housing department issued a formal "development plan" in 13th Five-Year "the protection of traditional villages in Anhui province" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), to 2020, and strive to include China, Provincial Traditional Village directory villages reached 200, 500. Add a number of Guozihao, upgrading the traditional village culture in our province, the large number of traditional architecture, traditional villages, traditional houses and other historical relics, has a very high historical and cultural and academic value. 2012, the province started the development of the protection and utilization of traditional villages. So far, a total of 363 Provincial Traditional Village, which included in the list of traditional Chinese village village of 163. Provincial Housing Department experts, traditional villages in our province showed obvious regional distribution, Anhui traditional villages concentrated in Mount Huangshan, Xuancheng, Chizhou three city, the Hui culture is a typical representative of traditional villages in the province, is also the emblem of culture "living fossil", to protect the high development and utilization value. The traditional villages in Anhui Province are mainly distributed in Hefei, Anqing, Lu’an three city, to the big house, as the representative of Wei bao. Northern Anhui traditional village remains less. The plan proposed by the end of 2018, so that the traditional cultural heritage of the province’s basic protection, with basic production and living conditions, the basic disaster prevention and security, the basic protection and management mechanisms. By 2020, and strive to be included in the list of traditional Chinese village, provincial village reached 200, 500, the province’s traditional villages have been effectively protected and development. Allow for the proper transformation of the ancient residential areas, the protection of traditional villages in our province, the phenomenon of cultural relics decline prominent. Many traditional villages "hollow", the traditional building severely damaged public nature; the protection of ancient buildings rely on government investment alone, ancient houses, ancient buildings are not timely maintenance; the existing infrastructure, the environment can not meet the demand of modern life, the demolition of old buildings and building new villages, traditional pattern, texture, natural environment damage. In this regard, the "planning" requirements, all respect the traditional architectural style, may not change the traditional building the original height, volume, shape and color and architectural style, prohibit all destructive activities and behavior, impact on the overall outlook of the traditional village buildings renovation. Pay special attention to the use of wood and other debris from local materials, inheritance and coordination and maintain new residential construction, height, color etc.. "Planning" is also clear, in the future the country to maintain the traditional village style and traditional residence shape pattern under the premise, allowing the transformation of ancient houses, improve the living comfort. Protection of intangible cultural heritage as well as ecological and production, life is closely related to the physical and the three places. It is strictly prohibited to protect the grounds of the villagers all move out due to dig the lack of regional planning guidance and cultural heritage of our province, most of the traditional village to build the huizhouvernacular and tourism development path, each)相关的主题文章:

Beijing Millennium Tangta Fokan door stolen crash leaving only a stake to support the new network –

Beijing Millennium Tangta Fokan door stolen crash leaving only a stake to support – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 24th news (reporter Liu Tiansi) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, Beijing Fangshan temple village in Guta, Beijing is one of the eight existing seat of the Tang Dynasty pagoda, built until now has been more than a thousand years history. Recently, the reporter visited found that this millennium Tangta exquisite marble Fokan door stolen, thieves left a stake to support one side of the tower. In addition, although 30 years ago under the temple village of Guta has been identified as a district level cultural relic protection units, but has not set up security card. Reporters learned that the Fangshan District committee found the stolen white marble Fokan door in the ravine, but cultural relics have been broken into three sections, the police have not locked the suspect. The temple was built in the Tang Dynasty Village in Guta, located in Beijing Fangshan District Zhangfang temple village about two kilometers northwest of the mountains. Found media reporter visited the scene, white marble stone component — the most beautiful shrines on the Guta gate has been stolen, the thief left a stake to support one side of the tower, Guta looks like a hollowed out. Local villagers told reporters that the Guta gate consists of four pieces of white marble stone shrines, three of which were stolen, then fill the stone, now the entire Fokan door was stolen. The reporters also found that the bottom has existed for a long time in a hole, near the entrance to the cave is full of picked up a bronze coins, engraved with the "kaiyuantongbao" four words, the old coins and also from Guta one thousand years ago, datang. The reporters found that the Guta remote location, away from the village community, civil air defense, physical defense, anti technology measures and even the day of theft, it is difficult to be detected. Reporters call the village temple village, a ginger (sound), said the director of cultural relics stolen and related protection are not understood. The history of Beijing folk association secretary general Liang Xinli, the 496 seat Guta has visited Beijing, he referred to the existing Beijing Tang Dynasty Pagoda Temple Village under only eight, Guta is one of them. He said that the tower is very valuable, is an important material for the study of Buddhist culture in the Tang dynasty. Yesterday morning, Fangshan District cultural relics department responsible person confirmed CHC, under the temple village of Guta is stolen. Is the absence of security card, said he has been doing, but did not say when ready to set up. It is understood that at present in the valley have found the stolen white marble Fokan door, found artifacts have been broken into three pieces, suspected thieves during transport broke abandoned. The relevant departments have kept these three shrines and alarm processing, but not yet locked the suspect.相关的主题文章: