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Parents can not destroy the child [Abstract] for their children’s education, you can not say that parents do not work, but the role of parents is often limited to the family, and will last a lifetime. Author: Yang Zao (Tencent · all well-known columnist, history scholars) this year is the Broadway musical "the sixty anniversary of the advent of a quiet and modest maiden". This musical adaptation of Bernard Shaw works "had Marley Weng" in 1912, sixty years long. I was lucky enough to see its China tour in Beijing. Even if there is a language barrier, Chinese audience is still amused laughter, intoxicated in music. However, today there are many people in which information of Professor Jenkins single handedly, it can be transformed into a flower girl society lady? The 1964 film "stills in reality most like a quiet and modest Maiden" Higgins professor who is probably America behaviorism master John · Wahson, he said that the famous declaration: "if give me some healthy baby, in my own world to set them up, regardless of their talent, hobbies, orientation, adaptability, race and family background, I promise I can be any one of my preferred type of training into them: doctors, lawyers, artists, business elite, and even beggars and thieves." This declaration is often ridiculed by future generations of psychologists, perhaps because of the revelation of God’s self conceit, perhaps because of the failure of Wahson’s own parenting. In China, the latest Wahson professor is probably Li Tiejun of Luzhou. For eleven years he has been insisting on "home schooling" for his daughter, who had threatened to turn her into a biological magnetic field scientist at the age of 18. Now it looks like Li Tiejun has failed. By contrast, in 1998 last year, the 2009 education psychology books reprinted in the first edition of "American bred mystique" translated into Chinese, quite popular in the circle of friends. Author Judith · Harris is a housewife and psychologist who has not received a Ph. d.. Her book was published in the past, angered many peers and readers, because she challenged a almost common sense: parenting is a very important factor in the development of children. What is Harris’s conclusion? In the second edition, she protested the media’s own summary of the work, parents can not play any role". She said, of course, the role of parents! But where do they work? How does it work? This is the question she is trying to answer. Harris put forward three propositions: (1) parents have no ability to mold the child’s personality. If a child’s personality is similar to that of his parents, it is because of the two generation of gene inheritance, and belong to a culture. (2) the child’s personality outside the family is shaped by the social environment of his peers. (3) Harris believes that the most important thing in his theory is that the child does not transfer the behavior patterns acquired in the family to the new situation. In other words, they know which song to sing. Harris for the three point of view, very detailed and comprehensive, interested persons can read their own books. From common sense, we are most likely to recognize.相关的主题文章: