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Peng Qinghua met with Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu – local leaders — original title: Peng Qinghua met with Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chun Fu in September 10th, autonomous region Party committee secretary Peng Qinghua met in Nanning to attend the thirteenth session of the China ASEAN Expo, Chinese ASEAN Business and Investment Summit of the Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu line. Peng Qinghua said, very pleased to meet again in Nanning and the prime minister comrade, you elected Prime Minister’s first visit to China will be the first station in Guangxi, the Vietnamese government delegation headed by the Expo is over in the largest scale of the ASEAN countries, fully embodies the attaches great importance to the development of friendly relations between China and Vietnam, reflects the special friendship with Guangxi vietnam. Guangxi actively deepen pragmatic cooperation with Vietnam, promoting the port, tourism, interoperability and other cooperation has made new progress, especially through the construction of border trade goods supervision center, the new site for freight barge, flexible port clearance and other measures to effectively solve the congestion problem of South Port fruit season. Hope that Vietnam support the upgrading of Nanning – Hanoi railway, to accelerate cross-border economic cooperation zone, the port opening and upgrading of customs clearance facilitation. We will continue to seek support from the central government to further enhance the level of mutually beneficial cooperation between Guangxi and Vietnam and its border provinces. I wish the Expo theme country fruitful activities in vietnam. Ruan Chunfu said, the more is friendship between comrades and brothers, the hope to visit China and attend the Expo as an opportunity to strengthen pragmatic cooperation and promote the further prosperity of the two goods, import and export trade. Thanks to the positive efforts and contributions made by Guangxi in the past to strengthen exchanges with the Vietnamese border provinces and the development of Sino Vietnamese relations. The two sides should continue to promote the facilitation of customs clearance, to avoid the occurrence of congestion in the flow of goods. Vietnam is willing to work on interoperability and cross-border economic cooperation zones, combating transnational crime, such as exchange students deepen their cooperation. I hope to continue to use the United Guangxi and Vietnam border province working committee, Guangxi and Vietnam border four provincial Party Secretary of the annual meeting of the two mechanisms, the expansion of the Guangxi and Vietnam mainland exchanges and cooperation and make greater contributions to promoting the further development of the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. Chinese ambassador Hong Xiaoyong, the leadership of the autonomous region Fan Xiaoli, blue sky, the main person in charge of the Vietnamese government, transportation, trade, foreign investment plans and other important departments and border provinces, including some provinces and cities, and the Vietnamese ambassador to China attended the meeting. (reporter Wei Henglanfeng) (commissioning editor: the moon, Zhang Xi)相关的主题文章: