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People’s daily culture world: confident China need more cultural endorsement – View –   imagine a picture: when the last note slipped from the black and white keys, surging applause from all sides from welled up stage. The applause came from more than 5000 spectators at Argentina’s Teatro Colon and the Santiago municipal theatre in Chile, with about more than 1 thousand of them standing and listening to the concert. In the stage of the central enjoy this honor, is a 80 Chinese pianist. Imagine a picture: a hundred years of history of the Teatro Colon, door placed ads – one of the high – soprano Renee, tenor Jonas? Fleming? Kauffman, Maestro Zu Bin? Mehta, along with these world-renowned artists, who is also the pianist Chinese 80. In Chile, all the tickets were sold out concert for half a year ahead of schedule. Local media said China’s star ambassador came! These pictures are real, it is happening in thousands of miles outside the Latin American continent, the Chinese story, the protagonist of the story is pianist Lang lang.. The world of classical music and the western media called love Lang. He and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the five symphony orchestra the world first-class long-term cooperation; "New York Times" referred to him as "the brightest star in the world of classical music", the British "times" said that he is "is creating a new audience of classical music superstar"…… Why was the classical music niche art Chinese pianist, enjoy star treatment in overseas? The Sino Latin cultural exchange year gave me the opportunity to find the answer. Obviously, Lang Lang is highly infectious performer, will be playing skills and personal style is a melting furnace, the typhoon and the sun ebullience affinity character each other; he put on diligence and talent in the art of balance, firmly believe that the "hands did not live, a flustered" plain truth; he has an international a professional team to do the brand management, from the performance to the foundation to peripheral products, on the one hand shows, on the one hand the public. More fundamentally, shaping the brand more than 30 years of reform and opening up Lang Chinese closely linked. He is the birth of our era, his presence on the international stage, rich in the world’s imagination of the Chinese story, respond to the world’s curiosity about the Chinese story, but also shows the Chinese people’s cultural self-confidence. Lang Lang was born in an ordinary family, from the domestic to emerge, city of classical music education, and from the discourse of Western classical music has gone to the world. This kind of life experience, objectively benefit from China’s initiative to open the door to the world, the era of opportunities and social trends, subjective and give him a more open field of music and the opportunity to integrate Eastern and Western culture. But how do the masses of non classical music fans know the Chinese pianist? Abroad, people told me about the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Many people from the Olympic Games began to bid farewell to the distant and mysterious Chinese impression, understanding the modern, real, confident Chinese, also the opening ceremony from the incomparable love the Lang Lang. If the Olympic Games endorsement of the image of contemporary China, Lang)相关的主题文章: