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Perfect both driving fun and comfortable BMW 3 Series (Beijing Hua Debao) who have a life around the BMW system is not open. But have you ever been entangled in the choice of pure movement of the M models, or luxury comfortable long wheelbase models? Shortly before the 2017 BMW 3 Series listed, one of the biggest bright spot is the popular M sport package extended to BMW 3 long wheelbase models, the launch of the BMW 320330 Li M Sport models conform to the market demand, so BMW fans can give up and tangled, considering two, Wyatt enjoy the ride. The new engine +M sport package with dynamic early heart BMW 3 as BMW’s most representative models, has been full of pure driving pleasure, while the M BMW 320Li new continuation of the 3 usual sports spirit and driving passion, is still an open on the road to match blood models. Thanks to the 2017 BMW series for the core after the use of the BMW B series engine, so that the BMW 320Li M has a prominent response quickly, smooth and quiet characteristics, the ability to continue to accelerate more robust. 8 speed motor type with shift paddles hand M Sport models standard plus the gearbox, enhance the transmission of each gear ratio, transmission ratio increased to 7.81, not only speeds than standard better, also bring a better low speed ride comfort and lower fuel consumption. BMW 320Li M 100 km fuel consumption is only 6.2 liters. Comfortable space + intelligent configuration upgrade the size and flexibility of modern luxury vehicle riding space of ride comfort affects fundamentally, BMW space for excellent design and configuration in the BMW 320Li M sport once again fully reflected. BMW 320Li M vehicle wheelbase reached 2920mm, compared with the new Audi A4L is still more than 12mm, for the same level of the most long, bringing plenty of legroom for rear passengers. And the car storage space, everywhere visible seat multistage and flat trunk space, make the driving people to fully and effectively realize the convenience and comfort brought space diversity and versatility. Configuration, the 2017 BMW 3 Series in terms of intelligent Internet driving demonstration of the advantages of cutting-edge technology BMW. BMW "speech recognition system" (NLU), the intelligent system of the market first to achieve natural speech recognition in the true sense, through everyday language, the user can control the phone, navigation, entertainment and SMS and other related functions, to achieve the most efficient interaction of people and vehicles. In addition, the use of the new generation of BMW 7 iDrive interactive interface is also introduced to the 2017 BMW 3 series, the interface is more stylish, more convenient operation. BMW connecteddrive at the forefront, increase of wireless Wifi hotspots and wireless charging function, bring the futuristic driving experience.相关的主题文章: